What’s So Great About Carrots In Soup?

Carrots are a common ingredient found in homemade soups. Those in Agoura or Thousand Oaks visiting their local SoupS Studio® might be surprised to see carrots popping up in what seems like unlikely homemade soup recipes, but there’s good reason to bring a little carrot into just about anything. First and foremost, carrots are a delicious and simple wholesome ingredient that incorporates beautifully along with so many flavors. Second, they’re just plain good for you. A few of the key benefits of carrots are:

5 Reasons Our Customers Love SoLé SoupS

SoLé SoupS® is a customer favorite, but if you haven’t been in to visit one of our SoupS Studio® locations yet, maybe a few reasons why customers keep coming back can serve as a little inspiration. 5 reasons why our customers love SoLé SoupS® are:

Keep Warm With SoLé SoupS After You Take To The Mountain

When going on a ski trip, you want to save as much space in the car as possible, but still bring all the things you’ll need to stay warm and cozy after a day spent on the slopes. Mammoth Lakes, Squaw Valley, the Sierra Nevada range, no matter your pick, there’s something special about refueling after spending the whole day falling in love with the nature of California mountains over and over again. So, how do you plan to pack what you need to refuel?

What Is Ramen And The Health Benefits?

When most people think of Ramen, they think first of those small plastic packages they see at the grocery store. They run for about a dime, you cook them in the microwave or on the stove top, and when you add the flavor packet they taste like little else than meaty salt. However, what we know as a college diet staple isn’t authentic ramen, the traditional Japanese soup packed full with nutrition and flavor. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

What is the best way to see what’s been happening at SoLé SoupS? It’s to stop on in and see for yourself! However, the next best thing is to see what our customers have been saying. Recent reviews and testimonials show high points our customers love looking forward to when they stop into their local Soups Studio TM. 

The Benefits Of Enjoying Squash Soups

During the fall season, squash soups become more popular than ever. Nothing says fall quite like the flavor of a rich and creamy squash soup, and whether you choose to have yours warm or cool, it always seems to comfort you from the inside out. There are several different types of squash soups you may be familiar with, each with their own unique origins and benefits to those enjoying them. The 3 main types of squash soups are: 

The Health Benefits Of Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a type of winter squash that is well loved all throughout the autumn and winter seasons in the United States and around the world. In warm and cool soups, pumpkin is a comfort food that simply cannot be beaten. Not only does pumpkin soup feel good to eat, but it’s also good for you! A few of the amazing health benefits of pumpkin include: 

The Top 4 Experiences To Tell You All About SoLé SoupS

With 142 Yelp reviews and 17 reviews on Google, there’s a lot of locals that are saying great things about SoLé SoupS. Whether you’re planning to eat in our SoupS Studio TM or you’re just grabbing a few favorites to keep in the fridge for another time, these experiences can tell you everything you need to know about your upcoming SoLé SoupS experience. The top 4 experiences to tell you all about SoLé SoupS are:

Find Out What Everyone Is Saying About SoLé SoupS

A recent Open Table study found that as many as 60% of diners look to online reviews and testimonials before deciding on a place to eat. We know how important online reviews are today, and before you take your first trip to our SoupS Studio TM, we want to lay out a few testimonials that show what the locals are saying about SoLé SoupS.

Testimonial: Healthy Soups Fit A Healthy Lifestyle

People can’t stop thinking about our soups; while at home, at work, or (in this case) on the treadmill at the gym! Nina G says:

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