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Cooking with Bay Leaves

Cooking with bay leaves improves almost everything they’re cooked with. Bay leaves are an incredibly nutritious yet overlooked ingredient in many delicious dishes. Not only are bay leaves a flavorful addition to soups, stews, and other dishes, they also offer ...
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What Are The Health Benefits Of Cumin?

Cumin is valuable ingredient here at SoLé Soups, and you’ll find a great example of its deliciousness in our fan favorite Foundational Flavor, Cauliflower Soup. Cumin isn’t just incredibly tasty, it’s also good for you, so much so that it’s ...
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What Is There To Know About Fennel?

Fennel is known to have a soft, delicate, licorice-like flavor, which some might be a little apprehensive about when it comes to soup. Afterall – soup and candy aren’t really two things that normally go together! While fennel might have ...
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The History of Chipotle

The history of chipotle can be traced all the way back to early food practices used in Mesoamerica, dating back even before the time of the Aztecs. So, what exactly is a chipotle?
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Benefits of Sea Salt

Benefits of sea salt. The benefits of sea salt range far and wide, so it’s not surprising that it’s become popular in kitchens across the globe. People from all over have used sea salt since prehistoric times, and it’s been ...
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