If we could have brought you with us...

What Makes A Stew A Stew?

...we would have. Our family moved from the Agoura Hills area to the frozen tundra in March 2017. Our move was all about being closer to family. Unfortunately we didn’t realize our move also meant losing new found family members - you! Your great restaurant introduced us to a new, delicious and HEALTHY way of eating; a new way of eating way that has yet to be replicated. Your enthusiasm, friendliness and culinary expertise are really missed. Keeping our fingers crossed that an online | mail order business is in the works...’cause we really need you when the wind chill is -23 degrees!

Melissa Cheslock

WOW, What a Find

I live FAR from Agoura Hills and was looking for a place to eat and found SoLé Soups. WOW, what a find. They encourage try before you buy, I tried the Yellow Pea with Curry and the Pork Posole, went with the Posole and it was AWESOME. If I didn't live so far I'd be a regular customer working my way through all 40 soups!!!

Michael B.

Great soup, fantastic service, and fair prices

The Health Benefits of Parsley

How have I not found this place before? Great soup, my favorite today was the fennel, fantastic service, and fair prices. Will definitely be back soon.

James S.

Never Tried a Soup Here I Didn't Like

SoLé Soups Salad of the Month

So happy I discovered this place! I remember their soups from the farmers market in Calabasas. They always have great vegetarian and vegan options, and I've never tried a soup here I didn't like! The lovely lady who always seems to be working when I come in is very friendly and always a pleasure to chat with. I've already told several friends about SoLé and they all love it too! Oh did I mention you get to try before you commit? Although like I said, I've yet to try a soup here I didn't like! So turns out the more samples I try, the more soups I buy to take home and eat later.

Fox T.

Super Clean and Tidy

Everything I've tried is so delicious. My favorite is by far the Chicken curry with coconut milk which is just like thai green curry. They don't have much seating inside but there's tables outside to enjoy your soup. The place is super clean and tidy. They have a few fridges full of soups and salads to go. Everything looks delicious. Cannot wait to go back and try the rest.

Satine T.

Love Everything!

Best soup ever!!!!! Great customer service. I absolutely love everything about this place.

Lonnie K.

They won me over

Five Traditional Irish Soups You Have To Try This St Patrick’s Day

Delicious!! The weather today called for soup so I finally decided to give SoLé a try. The Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato and Cauliflower w/ coconut milk & turmeric were my two choices. Hands down the BEST soup I've ever had. I'm not a soup person and they won me over. I like that they offer samples so you don't get stuck with a soup you might not like. I'm looking forward to going back and trying other flavors.

Lynn G.

Hidden Gem

Light Soups, Summer Soups

I love this hidden gem! They have awesome soups. They usually have at least 7 soups per day or more. I've tried the chicken cabbage, lentil and vegetable, and a couple others. You can sample before you buy and soups come in three sizes small, medium and large. Great prices, condiments on the side, and they also offer a variety of cold salads daily.

Jennifer G.

Will surely return

Soups Can Spice Up Your Weekend Tailgates

Great soup and super friendly staff. Tried the lentil soup and tomato soup. Tastes delicious. Soups come with a biscotti. Maybe they can give one biscotti per soup cup to make the meal more filling. Will surely return to try their other awesome soups.

Mani M.

I am a fan and will be returning!

So far so good! I came here to get the beef soup and the Greek Salad, I enjoyed both! The Greek salad was quite large, the dressing was light, mostly with olive oil and a little bit of vinegar. The soup was good and not too salty. They give you a biscotti, it is savory, a bit spicy; it was delicious! I definitely can say I am a fan and will be returning!

Michelle O.

This is my favorite lunch time spot!

This is my favorite lunch time spot! Soups are excellent, with a good variety of choices - anything from bone broth to chicken curry with coconut milk. My favorite, though, is the fabulous clam chowder. It is so smooth and creamy and yummy...and gf. Not in the mood for soup? Then grab one of their fresh and very tasty salads. Oh and don't forget to ask for a savory biscotti to go with your soup, it's delicious, slightly chewy, and has a peppery little kick to it. I'm addicted! Did I mention you can grab some frozen soups or other delights to take home for dinner? The veggie lasagna is outstanding, as are the turkey meatballs in red sauce. The food isn't the only thing I love about this place! The owners are super nice, the place is spotless, the line (there's always a few people in line) moves quickly, and you can have a taste any of the soups to help you decide.



Refreshing Spring Vegetable Soups

Based upon the reviews I had seen on Yelp, my wife and I thought we would give it a try. AMAZING!!!!!!!!! The selection of soups available today was great. Seeing the other flavors that they make, I wish we lived closer so we could come back everyday to try another. We can't remember the name of the woman that served us, but she was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable on her soups. We enjoyed several tastings until we finally had to choose one for our dinner. We met Paul and mentioned that we wished he had a store closer to home. He would do well in LaVerne or Claremont, near the colleges, with his wonderful variety of healthy and flavorful soups. Then we wouldn't have such a drive to get more of his wonderful soups and salads.

Roger R.

My Absolute Favorite Lunch Spot

SoLé Soups Salad of the Month

Literally the only thing that would make Sole Soups better is if they gave it away for free. I work in the area and this is my absolute favorite lunch spot, it's safe to say I'm a regular at this point. The soups are so fresh and so healthy, and there are always vegetarian and vegan options. They have frozen items for sale, which are perfect for weekends out of town to ensure a healthy dinner after a long drive, or for just keeping at home. They have delicious salads available as well... everything here is worth a try.

Morgan W.

Wonderful Soups & Fresh Each Day

The Most Comforting Potato Soups

Wonderful soups & fresh each day. You get to sample each one. Off of Agoura Road.

Do Yourself a Favor and Visit SoLe Soup

Refreshing Spring Vegetable Soups

Fantastic soup! I've been buying their various soups for my home. Last week - I pre-ordered six 24-oz tubs because I was having a potluck party - and my item was tomato soup and small melty ham & cheese sandwiches. Everyone loved the soup - "did you make this?!" "this is fantastic!" "Sole Soup? Where is it?" Do yourself a favor and visit Sole Soup. You can taste the hot daily soups available for immediate consumption, or take home frozen tubs of delicious soup.

Linda S.

Healthy, Delicious and Nutrient Rich Soups

Beautiful soup bar with healthy, delicious and nutrient rich soups...and more! If your resolution for 2017 involves healthier and cleaner eating, make sure visit.

Karen L.

Their Soups are Amazing

I went for lunch today and their soups are amazing!!! These are the people from the Calabasas Farmers Market. So glad to know they now have a store front so I can get their soups whenever I want. I highly recommend checking them out!

Jenn K.

A Must Have Healthy Meal

Five Traditional Irish Soups You Have To Try This St Patrick’s Day

I have been enjoying these soups for 4 yrs and I have not tasted anything else that is created with such intent to stimulate the palette. In my opinion these soups can be considered edible art.

Dale K

Extremely Authentic and Natural

A place that really gets it! Plain and simple, you need to go here.  My wife and I tried this place for the first time and couldn't help but to rave about it.  We were first greeted by "tall Paul", one of the best owners I've ever encountered. Not only does he put customer service first, by offering any samples you want,  but explains his philosophy behind his creations. He took the time to educate us on his product and was so interactive to everyone who walked in. He was playing with kids and even took the time to learn and start calling everyone by their first name. We sampled many soups tonight and all were amazing. We got the fresh clam chowder and the wife got the split pea soup. There's many hot and ready to eat soups he rotates daily as well as more flavors packed and frozen to keep a small supply at home if you want 🙂 We also got a veggie lasagna that was made on site and ready to heat and eat. The lasagna was very good and not heavy at all, layered with mushrooms, zucchini and other veggies.  Their soups are extremely authentic and natural, NOT full of sodium or by products. Finally a clam chowder with REAL clams. They were very meaty clams, yes full clam pieces, and taste like they were just shucked from the sea!

We are definitely looking forward to going back!!!

Harrison A.

Bursting with Flavor!

Read about this place on Conejo Valley Times a couple weeks ago and thought it sounded good. Yesterday a few coworkers were talking about it. This morning, with the damp, cold, overcast day that it is, I decided it would be a good day for SOUP!! Out of the selections hot & ready, 4 of them sounded like my kind of soup. Chipotle Corn Chowder, Jalapeno Chicken, Butternut Squash and New England Clam Chowder (white).

All 4 were BURSTING with flavor. I ate the clam chowder & jalapeno chicken for lunch. Both were chock full of ingredients. It wasn't like a chicken was dipped into the jalapeno chicken soup. There was some serious chicken, potato, pepper. The only surprise was a lack of heat. You could definitely taste the flavor of the chile.

I only took a sip from the Butternut Squash and Chipotle Corn Chowder. Both were the perfect thickness with the corn chowder having a bit of heat. I'm looking forward to eating them later!

Bob R.

I loved chipotle corn chowder, cauliflower w/ coconut milk, and green detox

Great place also clean and delicious soups! I loved chipotle corn chowder, cauliflower with coconut milk, and green detox, the most amazing taste and friendly staffs, Strongly recommended.

Dolores L.

Kids Loved Them Too

First time here, had the split pea, chicken barley, turkey chili and all of them were tasty and great and the kids loved them too!

Mateo N.

I love soup and this place blew me away

I love soup and this place blew me away. I sampled 3 soups, and they all were well above my expectations and superior to other soups I've had.  Chicken barley- light and delicious, perfect amount of chicken and vegetables in a tasty broth.  Lentil and cabbage- lentil soups are hit and miss and they nailed it. Amazing flavor. Butternut squash w coconut milk- not too sweet or coconutty. It wasn't thick. This was amazing. Stop in and sample their soups! They have over 30 soups but feature 8 at a time. And the 2 women working there were super friendly and had a great attitude happily providing me samples.  I just stopped in to grab a menu and left with a large soup. They offer salads and other food as well. Now the one problem is the price. For the size of the soup, it's expensive. For $8 I'd expect maybe 50-100% bigger sizes. I hope they do well because this area needs a good spot for soups. I am truly impressed. I'm waiting on the recipe book!

Jarret B.

The Soup Without the Nazi!

First impressions.  This is THE SOUP without the nazi!!  The wife and the daughter had the beef stew and are already planning to have it again.  Me?  I had the Chipotle Corn Chowder.  I lived on soups stealthily enjoyed while working in the dining room out of coffee cups from the kitchen of a Bon Apetit Chef of the Year.  My bar is high and Solè cleared it easily!!

Matt T.

Wonderful Soup, Nothing but Fresh Goodness

Such a beautiful soup bar and so very clean - both the bar and each of the soups!  Literally clean eating!

Each soup is more luscious than the next.  I really can't vouch for the meat ones, though, because I'm vegetarian :/.

Favorite Soups:
Cauliflower with Coconut Milk and Cumin - you want healthy and decadent without the guilt? This is it.  Top favorite.
Chipotle Corn Chowder - that chipotle is just the perfect amount of heat and zing to liven up this delicious chowder.
Green Detox - Don't let the name fool you.  It's good for you but utterly lovely in taste - and without conjuring the gag reflex lol.
Carrot-Ginger with Coconut Milk - deliciously zen flavors

There are so much to choose from - all are so tasty.  All their soups are organic and have very little sodium.  No sugars and preservatives so all you have is this wonderful soup with nothing but fresh goodness.  A majority of the soups are gluten-free and vegan.  And they encourage tasting.

And for those who need even more variety - they have lasagna, parms, salads, chilis.

Yumm...I'm reviewing what I typed and am currently drooling lol.  Time to head back there!

Karen L.

Our favorite farmers' market vendor

Our family was so excited when our favorite Farmers market vendor setup a physical location. We love their soups. Now we don't have to be sad when our fav soup varieties are sold out which they do fast every Saturday at the Calabasas farmers market. They have way more varieties in the store both served ready to eat and for take away frozen. They are great people too. Hope everyone who likes good and healthy soup checks this place out.

Jared P.

Their soups are delicious

We also enjoyed their soups at the Calabasas Farmers Market and are excited that they have a local storefront.  Their soups are delicious, as are many of their other items (Turkey meatballs and lentils, just to name a few).

Elana H.
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