What people love about SoLé SoupS isn’t just about our taste. It’s about using the best ingredients in all of our dishes to satisfy your taste buds while giving you plenty of energy. But don’t take our word for it, let’s see what some of our customers had to say about their experience.

“Absolutely amazing exceeded any expectations will be back. Lots of options from hot selection they even had TWO vegan ones. My children liked the chicken soup and then also ate most of my red lentil and coconut curry (they said they would I get those flavors next time instead of chicken haha!) I had a very nice bean salad too. I am so happy to have found a soup place in LA – there’s so many in New York and but never found ANY here!!! She makes them all and is so lovely, very cute spot must try for people who like soup, and even for those who may think they don’t!” – Emily A.

“So delicious! Seriously it’s hard to pick just one. Super friendly employees, you can sample the fresh soups but it doesn’t make your decision easier because they are all so good! They have a selection of fresh soups and frozen for take home. Love this place.” – Tracy W.

“I just discovered this place and oh my gosh what a gem! They have quite a few vegan options plus they have frozen soups to go. They give samples of their hot soups. I met the chef  and he is so sweet. In fact, all of the staff is so friendly. I have been in there twice now and ordered hot foods and frozen ones. All were delicious! The split pea curry is out of this world, and the lentil soup is also delicious. The frozen soups thaw overnight in the fridge and are ready to put on the stove the next night. I highly recommend Sole Soups!” – Denise B.

Come in today or order online and see for yourself!