People love SoLé SoupS and we couldn’t be more proud. Here are some of the nice things our customers have said:

Forrest S.

“This is a spectacular product!  Wonderful freshly made soups that are not salted down!  I’ve been hard pressed to taste a soup that I haven’t enjoyed! I come over the hill from Malibu which is a forty mile drive but it’s well worth it! My diet has consisted of not only fresh food but the majority of food that I ingest is raw and has been for 30+ years!  I think that I can safely say that I am the most senior customer to walk through the SoLe’ door!”

Nancy S.

“Best chicken noodle soup I have ever had. None of the icky preservative taste you get in other soups. Big noodles, lots of broth, shredded chicken and perfect seasonings. We also had the chicken Caesar salad and the dressing was delightfully tangy. All in all a delicious meal. Our friend brought us this meal because we were both sick. It was the best surprise ever.”

April H.

“The soup place, (Thousand Oaks location), is next to Coffee Bean if you guys get lost in finding it! This is my first time coming in to try with my dad on February 8! We aren’t sure what kind of soup we were getting when we first came in. We try two different kind of soup samples! We both got a large big soup. My dad describe his soup to be a green vegetables soup. I got the chipotle corn chowder! We decided to eat out! Our soup was still hot when we were tasting the soup! The chipotle corn chowder is my favorite! It was delicious!”

No matter what you feel like, SoLéSoupS has the soup for you. Now that you’ve seen what people love about SoLé SoupS, check us out at our website or on our Instagram.