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The Basics Of Basil

Basil is a key ingredient in many Italian dishes, but there’s more to basil than just pesto and pasta sauce. Basil is an annual herb from the mint family, but it doesn’t quite taste like it. There are more than ...
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The Bay Leaves Breakdown

If you’ve ever been ready to dig into a good soup for lunch, only to notice a light green note in the flavor and aroma, chances are you’re sensing the bay leaf. Bay leaf is a fragrant and flavorful leaf ...
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Getting To Know Cumin

If you enjoy Middle Eastern dishes, Latin American dishes, Barbecue, Chili, Indian dishes, or North African dishes, you likely have an affinity for cumin whether you like it or not. You can even find it in our Southwestern Chicken Chili. ...
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5 Health Benefits Of Turkey

When you think about turkey, you might think first about gathering around a holiday table and dressing the bird with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’s also an excellent soup star with ...
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The Healthiest Root Vegetables

We at SoLé SoupS love the fall season and all the flavors that come along with it. The fall is the perfect time of year to enjoy some root vegetables, and these aren’t just tasty, they’re also good for you! ...
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Benefits of Sea Salt

Benefits of sea salt. The benefits of sea salt range far and wide, so it’s not surprising that it’s become popular in kitchens across the globe. People from all over have used sea salt since prehistoric times, and it’s been ...
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