Coconut water and coconut milk may come from the same fruit, but they’re actually two very different ingredients. Coconut water is a clear water-like liquid that’s found inside young coconuts, and it’s lauded for its ultra-hydrating properties. Coconut milk is a product that’s made from the meat of the coconut, not the clear liquid held inside. To make coconut milk, the meat or flesh of the coconut is shredded and pureed with water then strained to create a smooth, creamy, rich liquid with a similar consistency to dairy milk.

Mature coconuts are meatier and therefore better for creating coconut milk, while immature coconuts have more water and are better for harvesting coconut water.

What’s Good About Coconut Milk?

Coconut milk is what you’re more likely to find in soups and stews, like our tasty SoLé Soups Carrot Ginger with Coconut Milk soup or Butternut Squash soup. Including coconut milk in your Agoura Hills or Thousand Oaks soup lunch can boost your meal with a number of health benefits including:

  • Can help you to fight off bugs – If you feel like you could be coming down with something, you might want to look to coconut milk to give your immune system a boost. The fatty acids in coconut milk have been found in some studies to be antimicrobial, which could help your body to fight off germs and viruses early on.
  • It’s full of vitamins and minerals – Coconut milk is a nutrient rich ingredient with 5 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, 11% RDI of Vitamin C, 22% RDI of iron, 22% RDI of magnesium, 18% RDI of potassium, and 110% RDI of manganese per cup sized serving.

What’s Good About Coconut Water?

Coconut water is a popular choice for those looking to hydrate fast, and it’s a common ingredient found in many beverages. For athletes, the electrolytes in coconut water can help to boost performance and snap-back after a tough competition or workout. Some additional benefits of coconut water include:

  • Could help to lower blood pressure – Coconut water is naturally high in potassium, which has been found to be beneficial for those looking to lower their blood pressure. Studies have shown those with hypertension may be able to better control their condition with the addition of coconut water into their diet.
  • Low calorie and nutrient rich – For those looking to cut their calorie intake, coconut water provides a ton of good stuff without the calories to contend with. While coconut milk has a higher calorie count at 552 per cup, coconut water has only 46. While low calorie, coconut water boasts 15% RDI of magnesium, 17% RDI of potassium, 11% RDI of sodium, 10% RDI of Vitamin C, 2 grams of protein, and just 0.5 grams of fat.

Whether coconut water or coconut milk, there’s a lot of benefit to be had from these two popular coconut-based ingredients. Your local SoLé Soup Studio in Agoura Hills or Thousand Oaks makes it easy to bring these benefits to your soup lunch.