Ragu has a rich history dating all the way back to the 18th century Italy by name, but the foundation of ragu has been popular since the Middle Ages. Essentially, ragu refers to a meat-based sauce or broth that contains chopped or ground meat, sauteed vegetables, and a liquid like broth, stock, wine, cream, or tomato. Ragu may be eaten with pasta, as is popular in Italian cuisine, or as-is in a sort of hearty soup or stew.

To bring a little bit of this culinary classic to your lunch we at SoLé Soups have a comforting and hearty Turkey Ragu Soup featuring ground turkey, spices, tomato, and plenty of flavor. Staying true to the very nature of ragu, we keep our recipe rich and simple while incorporating a balanced combination of flavors that go beautifully as a lunch side or main dish.

While the very foundation of ragu dates back nearly a thousand years, ragu by name really came into popularity in 18th century Italy. By the early 1830’s, ragu became a Sunday dinner staple for nobility as well as a popular dish seen during important feasts. The ragu would be eaten with or without pasta at this time.

It wasn’t until the surge of the industrial revolution that ragu became more of a common dish amongst middle class families throughout Italy and, later on, the world. This was largely due to the sudden widespread availability of pasta to the public thanks to the ability to make pasta. As ragu became more widely available, more families and home cooks were able to use their own creativity in making their own interpretations of the dish. It’s thanks to those adventurous chefs that we have been able to perfect the delightful ragu soups we enjoy today!

A bowl of our Turkey Ragu Soup is made to give you the sort of comfort and filling satisfaction you’re looking for to get you through the rest of your day. As a lunch, the ragu soup may be enjoyed alone or alongside a fresh-made salad as a balanced and sizable midday meal perfect for sharing. Our Turkey Ragu Soup at SoLé Soups comes without pasta, so you may enjoy the ragu in its purest and most traditional form. With fresh ground turkey, rich tomato base, a pinch of cheese, and fresh herbs, we encourage our customers to give it a try and see if they can pick out every delicate flavor!