A good old fashioned chicken pot pie is hearty, tasty, and satisfying, and it’s been this way for thousands of years. While our SoLé Soups Chicken Pot Pie Chowder certainly has modern appeal, its roots go all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome.

Pot pies were a real “food of the people” in ancient times. They could be filled with rarer ingredients and more decadent flavors for banquets and wealthy parties, or they could be filled with common ingredients and served to everyday people in everyday occasions. As a matter of fact, meat pies (or the equivalent of ancient pot pies) were one of the most popular street foods to be found sold by vendors in ancient Rome. Back in those days, a meat pie didn’t look quite like the pot pies we have today. They had a crusted structure, but the tops were left open unlike the more typical closed pies of today.

Wherever the Greeks or Romans went, the pies went, too. The popularity of meat pies continued through the Middle Ages and all the way to today. They’d be filled with beef, duck, sheep, vegetables, fish, and, of course, chicken. All over Europe the wealthy and the common people alike were enjoying meat pies, and they would soon carry this food tradition over the Atlantic as European settlers migrated to the Americas.

In the United States, beef and chicken became the most popular pot pie flavors. The ingredients were easy to access, and they best complimented the available vegetables settlers had at that time. With migrants coming from all over Europe, meat pie recipes began to develop with inspiration taken from France, Germany, England, Italy, and beyond, allowing for the creation of the classic American pot pie recipe. Every chicken pot pie recipe is a little different, but that just gives pot pie lovers a ton of different ways to enjoy one delicious and ancient-inspired culinary creation!

Our SoLé Soups Chicken Pot Pie Chowder is an homage to the classic American chicken pot pie but without all the crust. Using free-range chicken and a gluten-free recipe, it’s an authentic and flavorful way to enjoy a lunch filled with history.