Have You Heard How Healthy Egg Whites Can Be?

Of all the hotly debated foods in the world, the humble egg seems to find itself continually at the center of controversy. Conflicting reports debate whether the egg should be consumed regularly, or eaten in moderation. The debate is mostly centered on how much cholesterol an egg contains, all of which is found in the yolk. The white part of the egg, however, is another matter. 

The Many Benefits Of Beets

When walking into the SoLé Soup Studio® for your favorite homemade soup, you might take a little interest in those with beets. Beets aren’t an ingredient found in a whole lot of common soups, but at SoLé SoupS®, we think this is something that should change. Not only does this root vegetable provide an incredible flavor, they’re also excellent for you. A few of the key benefits of beets are:

Where Did Chicken Pot Pie Come From?

Pot pie is a meat pie with somewhat contested origins, though the general consensus is that this delicious comfort food got its start in ancient Greece. At SoLé SoupS, we love the idea of a rich and hearty chicken pot pie, one filled with wholesome natural ingredients to fill you up on a cool day after hitting the slopes or sitting around the kitchen table with your family. Since Greece, chicken pot pie has been adapted into its own regional iterations incorporating the regional flavors of several different countries, but all versions have in common the same central cozy tastes and textures we’ve come to know and love.

What’s So Good About Celery And Carrots?

Celery and carrots are common add-ins in various soups. At SoLé SoupS, you’ll find these two little superfoods inside a variety of what you see inside of the Soups Studio®, and while you may not notice them while they’re there, we’re sure you’d be likely to notice their absence if they weren’t. Carrots and celery add flavor and texture to any soup, stew, chili, or pot pie filling, but also quite a bit of nutritional value.

5 Reasons Why You Want To Eat Black Beans

Black beans are one of those foods that go with everything and can be eaten at every meal. Hungry for a Nutritious Pure Delicious breakfast burrito? Add SoLé SoupS Black Bean puree or our Mighty 2-Bean TM for a morning wrap that’s loaded with extra protein! Want something comforting and filling for lunch or dinner at our SoupS Studio TM? Try out our Hearty Turkey Chili and let the power of black beans make your belly happy while reaping every benefit. 5 reasons why you want to eat black beans with your next meal are:

When Cool Met Hot: A Chili Dog Story

It’s not exactly the first thing you think about when it comes to eating clean, but it’s the first thing you think about when it comes to an all-American food that screams of patriotism. It’s the hot dog, and it’s often the building block of July 4th Celebrations all over the country.

Nacho Average Origin Story

Nachos. Everyone has heard of them, and most everyone has probably tried them. But have you ever wondered how they were created, or when they really come from?

What Makes An Heirloom Tomato An Heirloom Tomato?

How many apples could you name off the top of your head? Odds are, you could name at least a couple. Now, how many different tomatoes could you name off the top of your head? There’s a good chance that you can’t name nearly as many tomatoes as you can apples. However, there is a vast array of tomatoes, each with unique characteristics.
At SoLé SoupS, one of the tomatoes that we love to use is the heirloom tomato. The heirloom tomatoes that we use for our soups are salads are organic, grown fresh under the Californian sun. Curious about this type of tomato? Below, you’ll find out what exactly makes an heirloom tomato an heirloom tomato.

The Nutritional Value Of Spinach

If you are familiar with the old cartoon character Popeye, you know that he ate spinach so that his muscles could grow. And although many people laughed at this, there’s something to be said for it. Spinach has numerous health benefits, which is one of the main reasons we prefer to use the vegetable in our soups and salads. At SoLé SoupS, we use spinach that is grown fresh under the Californian sun in Agoura Hills, providing only the freshest ingredients. Below, you’ll find some of the leading health reasons why we love to use spinach in our dishes.

Health Benefits Of Lighter Eating

It seems that these days, whenever you view a health magazine or website, there is a new revolutionary diet guaranteed to help you lose weight. For example, one diet new to the spotlight claimed that eating nothing but plain potatoes for a year can help you lose over 100 pounds. If you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle, you’d be wise to ignore diet fads and instead focus on tried-and-true methods like eating lighter.

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