The Health Benefits Of Pumpkin


The Health Benefits Of Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a type of winter squash that is well loved all throughout the autumn and winter seasons in the United States and around the world. In warm and cool soups, pumpkin is a comfort food that simply cannot be beaten. Not only does pumpkin soup feel good to eat, but it’s also good for you! A few of the amazing health benefits of pumpkin include: 

The Top 4 Experiences To Tell You All About SoLé SoupS

With 142 Yelp reviews and 17 reviews on Google, there’s a lot of locals that are saying great things about SoLé SoupS. Whether you’re planning to eat in our SoupS Studio TM or you’re just grabbing a few favorites to keep in the fridge for another time, these experiences can tell you everything you need to know about your upcoming SoLé SoupS experience. The top 4 experiences to tell you all about SoLé SoupS are:

The Most Popular Salads In America

Salads are a pretty popular lunch or dinner option in America, and they go even better with a hot soup. At our SoupS Studio TM our fresh-made entrée salads take flavors from all of the most popular salads in America, and combine them with the benefit with fresh natural ingredients. When a salad boasts fresh and natural ingredients, like our Greek Entree Salad, Chinese Chicken Entree Salad, and Chicken Caesar Entree Salad, you get to taste what makes each and every simple ingredient really something special.

Find Out What Everyone Is Saying About SoLé SoupS

A recent Open Table study found that as many as 60% of diners look to online reviews and testimonials before deciding on a place to eat. We know how important online reviews are today, and before you take your first trip to our SoupS Studio TM, we want to lay out a few testimonials that show what the locals are saying about SoLé SoupS.

5 Reasons Why You Want To Eat Black Beans

Black beans are one of those foods that go with everything and can be eaten at every meal. Hungry for a Nutritious Pure Delicious breakfast burrito? Add SoLé SoupS Black Bean puree or our Mighty 2-Bean TM for a morning wrap that’s loaded with extra protein! Want something comforting and filling for lunch or dinner at our SoupS Studio TM? Try out our Hearty Turkey Chili and let the power of black beans make your belly happy while reaping every benefit. 5 reasons why you want to eat black beans with your next meal are:

When Cool Met Hot: A Chili Dog Story

It’s not exactly the first thing you think about when it comes to eating clean, but it’s the first thing you think about when it comes to an all-American food that screams of patriotism. It’s the hot dog, and it’s often the building block of July 4th Celebrations all over the country.

Testimonial: Healthy Soups Fit A Healthy Lifestyle

People can’t stop thinking about our soups; while at home, at work, or (in this case) on the treadmill at the gym! Nina G says:

Testimonial: Come For The Soup, Come Back For The Service

In a world where you can find the golden arches on every corner isn’t it nice to have an option for healthy eating? Sure, you can take your chance on one of those sandwich-artists, but just how fresh are those foot longs?

Nacho Average Origin Story

Nachos. Everyone has heard of them, and most everyone has probably tried them. But have you ever wondered how they were created, or when they really come from?

What Makes An Heirloom Tomato An Heirloom Tomato?

How many apples could you name off the top of your head? Odds are, you could name at least a couple. Now, how many different tomatoes could you name off the top of your head? There’s a good chance that you can’t name nearly as many tomatoes as you can apples. However, there is a vast array of tomatoes, each with unique characteristics.
At SoLé SoupS, one of the tomatoes that we love to use is the heirloom tomato. The heirloom tomatoes that we use for our soups are salads are organic, grown fresh under the Californian sun. Curious about this type of tomato? Below, you’ll find out what exactly makes an heirloom tomato an heirloom tomato.

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