What is a Souping Reset and can it help you live longer? Similar to the idea of a cleanse, a Souping Reset. Now you can cut calories, drop pounds, tame hunger, reduce cravings, improve your immune system and live a healthier, stronger, and a more satisfied life. To help you on your way, here are some suggestions on how you can combine our delicious and nutricious soups and bone broths to into a satisfying two-day reset.

Here’s a sample of a two-day souping reset. There are five meal intakes per day; breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon, and dinner. On day one, a breakfast might include a 16oz. serving of Green Detox, a mid-morning 16 oz. serving of Chicken Bone Broth, lunch is a 16 oz. serving of our Tomato Soup, a mid-afternoon 16 oz. serving of Beef Bone Broth, and a 16 oz. serving of SoLe’ SoupS Brown Lentils with Kale for dinner.

On day two of your Souping Reset, again all servings are 16 oz., we start with a breakfast of Cauliflower Soup, a mid-morning serving of Chicken Bone Broth, lunch is Carrot-Ginger with Coconut Milk, Beef Bone Broth again for an afternoon snack, and dinner featuring Green Split Peas Soup.

For more ideas and other soup choices visit our Instagram page or visit one of our SoLe’ Soup Studios in Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks, CA.