Benefits of sea salt.

The benefits of sea salt range far and wide, so it’s not surprising that it’s become popular in kitchens across the globe. People from all over have used sea salt since prehistoric times, and it’s been used for much more than just cooking.

Sea salt has been found in products like body scrubs or wash, bath bombs, beverages, and many other products.


Sea salt is minimally processed and contains minerals like potassium, iron, and calcium. Because it isn’t heavily ground, sea salt keeps most of its nutrients. Table salt is ground heavily and loses most of its nutrients in the process, thus making sea salt the healthier option. Take note, if using a lot of salt in your diet, it won’t matter which kind of salt you use, so be sure to stay under the recommended limit. Some people use more sea salt to achieve a similar level of flavor, which can also lead to an overconsumption of salt.


Regardless of which type of salt you prefer to use, it’s important to get enough sodium for numerous reasons. Healthy sodium levels can lead to better hydration and blood pressure, and some research suggests it may also aid digestion. It can also improve skin issues when added to baths.


While sea salt definitely has its health benefits, it should not be consumed in excess. The typical American diet contains a lot of salt, so be aware of how much sodium you consume. Too much sodium in one’s diet can lead to higher blood pressure and other health issues.


Depending on the type, sea salt may provide more or less flavor than table salt, but there are many popular uses for it. Sprinkling it on roasted veggies, seasoning meat and fish, and even adding it to chocolate-based desserts have drawn rave reviews.

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