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Light and Healthy: The Olive

Light and Healthy: The Olive is among the healthiest foods in our salads at Solé SoupS. Olives, for example, are rich in vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants1. They belong to a group of fruit called drupes, or stone fruits. Olives are related to mangos, cherries, peaches, pistachios, and almonds. The healthy fats in olives are extracted to make olive oil. Olives are often enjoyed in sandwiches, as tapenades, as well as in salads. In the Mediterranean region, 90% of all olives are used to make olive oil.

Nutritional facts about Olives:


Olives contain 11–15% fat, 74% percent of which is oleic acid, a type of monounsaturated fatty acid. It is the main component of olive oil. Oleic acid is linked to several health benefits, including decreased inflammation and a reduced risk of heart disease. It may even help fight cancer. Olives are also known to boost heart health, thanks to the oleic acid.

Health benefits:

Olives are a staple of the Mediterranean diet. They’re associated with many health benefits, especially for heart health and cancer prevention. Olives have been known to fight inflammation, as well as reduce microorganism growth. Some studies have also shown that olives can reduce high blood pressure as well.

Not only are they good for the heart, olives are good for the bones too. The rates of osteoporosis are lower in Mediterranean countries than in the rest of Europe, leading to speculation that olives might protect against this condition. Osteoporosis, or decreased bone mass or bone quality, can increase your risk of fractures. Cancer and chronic diseases are also lower in the Mediterranean region, making it possible that olives may even help fight cancer.

Although more research is necessary, olives still contain numerous health benefits and they go great on our Greek salad. If that’s not your thing, we also have a Chinese chicken salad, a caprese pasta salad, and a shrimp and mango salad. Come to one of our Solé SoupS Studios and sample them for yourself.


1 Source: Medical News Today

What People are Saying About Solé SoupS

What People are Saying About Solé SoupS is always flattering to us and if you’ve never visited we invite you in. Try all of our healthy and affordable soups at either of our Solé SoupS Studios in Agoura Hills or Thousand Oaks, California. Here’s what some our customers have said about our delicious soups!

Melissa C. said, “If we could have brought you with us …we would have. Our family moved from the Agoura Hills area to the frozen tundra in March 2017. Our move was all about being closer to family. Unfortunately we didn’t realize our move also meant losing new found family members – you! Your great restaurant introduced us to a new, delicious and HEALTHY way of eating; a new way of eating way that has yet to be replicated. Your enthusiasm, friendliness and culinary expertise are really missed. Keeping our fingers crossed that an online | mail order business is in the works…’cause we really need you when the wind chill is -23 degrees!”

Fox T. said, “So happy I discovered this place! I remember their soups from the farmers market in Calabasas. They always have great vegetarian and vegan options, and I’ve never tried a soup here I didn’t like! The lovely lady who always seems to be working when I come in is very friendly and always a pleasure to chat with. I’ve already told several friends about SoLé and they all love it too! Oh did I mention you get to try before you commit? Although, like I said, I’ve yet to try a soup here I didn’t like! So turns out the more samples I try, the more soups I buy to take home and eat later.”

Michelle O. is a fan of not only our soups but salads too! “So far so good! I came here to get the beef soup and the Greek Salad, I enjoyed both! The Greek salad was quite large, the dressing was light, mostly with olive oil and a little bit of vinegar. The soup was good and not too salty. They give you a biscotti, it is savory, a bit spicy; it was delicious! I definitely can say I am a fan and will be returning!”

What People are Saying About Solé SoupS is important to us and we appreciate the kind words. Don’t forget to stay up to date with all our daily soup, salad, and fresh frozen entree menu selections when you Follow our Instagram (@solesoups). For special offers and customer rewards, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and welcome to the Solé SoupS family.

Health Benefits of Cauliflower

There are many health benefits of cauliflower. Cauliflower, a member of the cruciferous family, lacks the green chlorophyll found in other vegetables of this class, including broccoli, cabbage and kale, because the florets are shielded from the sun by the plant’s leaves during growth. Regardless, the nutritional health benefits of cauliflower are significant. Its nutrients help strengthen the immune system and protect against the development of cancer. Cauliflower is an excellent source of folate and vitamin C; just three raw florets provide 67 percent of the Daily Value (DV). That’s more than some citrus fruits. A strong immune system is essential for staving off everything from the common cold to heart disease. By eating foods rich in the antioxidant nutrients vitamins C, E, beta-carotene and selenium, you are stacking the deck against illness in your favor. Although broccoli may get more attention for its health benefits, cauliflower is no slouch either. It has nutrients that help fight cancer in two ways, they prevent enzymes from activating cancer-causing agents in the body and they increase the body’s production of enzymes that clean toxins and carcinogens out of the system before they can damage cells. On top of all that, cauliflower can also lower cholesterol and decrease your chances of getting a tumor.

Enjoy the latest cruciferous SoLé SoupS® including cauliflower with coconut milk and cumin and subscribe to stay up to date with us.

Important Announcement – COVID-19 Response

To Our Highly Valued Soup Patrons:  UPDATE

As COVID-19 affects our nation and our community, in the interests of our Customers, Team, and everyone in the area, we are participating in the Governor’s and the CDC’s recommendations for virus mitigation strategies*. This includes a shift in hours of operation.

Temporary Store Hours beginning Tuesday, March 24, 2020 apply to all locations.

11:00am – 5:00pm

Fresh Frozen Only, No Hot Bar Service.

*CDC states, “Avoid mass gatherings, and maintain distance.”

We will therefore allow one Guest into the Studio at a time.

One person inside at a time.

We will monitor directives from all authorities and provide updates via our website and social media accounts.

(Please check our Instagram Post daily.)

Rewards Program Winners

Congratulations to Suzanne R. the latest SoLé SoupS rewards winner. Each month we randomly choose a winner from our list of email subscribers. To collect your prize simply subscribe to the newsletter and then follow instructions on how to collect your prize. Prizes are awarded monthly or as necessary and some restrictions apply. We thank all of you for the outstanding loyalty you’ve shared with us as we’ve grown into our second Southern Californian location in Thousand Oaks. If you’re new to us welcome! Feel free to share your own experience with us and thank you for visiting.

Thanksgiving Hours

Happy Thanksgiving! Need to bring a side to dinner?  Nothing beats a side of soup!  Zip in today before we close and choose from all our delicious flavors.
We will be closed November 28th- 30th. We will reopen on Monday December 2nd. Also don’t forget to share a photo or video with your #SoLé Soups® meal for a chance to win a $35 gift card. Open your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account, post a your picture, #SoLé SoupS, and good luck! Check out some recent submissions HERE.

SoLé Social Page

With more than 5,000 online connections, the SoLé SoupS team is thrilled about the response online. Your comments, high ratings, and loyal repeat visits have humbled us yet again. So now we want to reward you when you share your #SoLéSoupS pride. Just open your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account and post a picture of you and SoLé SoupS and hashtag, (#SoLéSoupS), us.  Share your #SoLéSoupS images and videos at home, at the beach, in the store, with some gear, or just enjoying SoLé SoupS, salads, or single serve entrees. Once you post your #SoLéSoupS content it will appear on our new SoLé Social page. We’ll pick a monthly winner for the most creative post and from our family to yours, thank you!

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New Summer Hours

A quick reminder that Sole’ SoupS will be closing at 3 pm on Saturdays. We remain open Monday through Friday from 11 am to 7 pm. All other weekly hours remain unchanged. Thanks as always for your business. 🙂

Today’s Menu

Looking for SoLé SoupS menu? Check out today’s Featured Selections from the Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks Soup Studios when you visit our SoLé SoupS Instagram account. Updated daily and featuring classic favorites and delicious new combinations. SoLé SoupS; “If You’e not Juicing, You Should be Souping!”

The Confusion About Good And Bad Cholesterol

Everyone seems to be watching their cholesterol these days. Doctors recommend having your cholesterol levels measured through a blood test at least once every five years beginning at age 20. When your test results come back, the results, combined with your risk factors, can be used to determine your future risk of heart problems. 

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