Different types of lobster can be found all over the world. Lobsters classify as omnivores that only eat fish, plants, and crustaceans. If necessary, they can also scavenge from dead carcasses. You may not know this, but we aren’t the only ones who dine on lobster. Crabs, fish, and even seals have been known to eat lobster as well.

All types of lobster have their hard shell and soft-shell seasons because they shed their shell to grow. They puff up their own flesh during this process, which helps create a shell with more room for them. This water-heavy flesh has a different flavor than the rest of the lobster.

Warm and Cold-Water Lobster

Hard and soft-shell lobsters require a different style of cooking, primarily due to soft shell lobsters being more fragile. The two main types of lobster are warm-water and cold-water lobster. Cold-water lobster is the preferred choice for those who like the lobster claw meat. Warm-water lobster comes with a front set of legs that look like an oversized antenna, instead of having big front claws. Also known as the rock lobster or spiny lobster, the warm-water lobster can be found mainly on the California coastline and the Caribbean.

South African and Australian Lobsters

South African lobsters are unique because they are warm-water lobsters with their long appendages and lack of claws, but they live in cold water. It takes them longer than usual to grow, and they have a reputation for having muscular tails with a unique flavor. Australian lobsters can be caught year round and they have both red and green shades.

Other types of Lobster

Other types of lobster include reef, California, Pacific, and of course the popular and rich Maine lobster famous for its sweet flavor especially in its large front claws.

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