Classic soup and salad combos range far and wide, giving everyone options to have their perfect meal. Here are some combinations you can try at home:

Corn chowder with a side of our high protein chicken salad. The rich chowder compliments the chicken beautifully, making this a great soup and salad combination. Add some crackers for the full effect. A cheesy chicken enchilada soup paired with a chipotle taco salad is another combo worth trying. The southwestern, spicy soup mixes well with the crunchy, flavorful salad. Visit SoLé SoupS today and build your own perfect soup and salad combination. The chipotle corn chowder is a crowd favorite and pairs well with our chicken Caesar salad.

Other classic soup and salad combinations include our chicken pot pie chowder, which goes great with our side salad of garbanzo with cucumber. Our Greek entree salad goes well with our bowl of yellow split pea soup with curry.

If you’re looking for a healthier option sure to make you feel better, try our immune support broth or our beef bone broth. Both complement our delicious Chinese chicken salad. For a more simplistic approach, you can’t go wrong with our tomato soup that goes well with any one of our tasty salads. For a little more flavor, however, our roasted bell pepper with tomato is a can’t-miss option for any of our fresh and healthy salads.

To see all of our salad and soup options head to our online menu, or stop by one of our locations today.