Chicken noodle soup is made from chicken and simmered in water, usually containing other ingredients. The classic chicken noodle soup consists of a clear chicken broth, often with pieces of chicken or vegetable. Some popular additions to this classic soup are pasta, noodles, dumpling, and rice. Chicken noodle soup is one of the healthiest dishes you can eat.

Chicken Broth

The chicken broth is the liquid part of the chicken soup, which can be served as is, used as stock, or served as a soup with noodles. The chicken broth can be milder than stock, and doesn’t need to be boiled as long. It can also be made with the meatier chicken parts.


Chicken broth’s special identification with health may have been due to the humoral system of medicine. According to the theory, broth had qualities that eased digestion. As thin foods were believed to be easier to digest, broths were specifically recommended for the sick. Also, the color of chicken soup was like the human complexion and was consequently considered nourishing.

Nutritional facts

Chicken soup is a great source of healthy, easily digested calories, with heaps of added nutritional benefits. There are 36 calories in 100 g of chicken soup.

Chicken soup is rich with essential fatty acids and protein. Both help your body build and repair healthy muscle, bone, skin, and blood cells. Chicken broth is also a rich source of minerals like iron. It also contains selenium. That helps prevent and manage cardiovascular diseases and complications, including strokes, and high cholesterol.


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