When you think about turkey, you might think first about gathering around a holiday table and dressing the bird with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’s also an excellent soup star with plenty to offer by way of nutrients. 5 health benefits of turkey in your soup are:

1. It’s a great source of protein – If you want meat protein, turkey packs a serious punch. Protein is important in any balanced diet, as it gives structure to your cells, helps to build muscle, and helps the body to effectively transport nutrients throughout. Two thick slices of turkey are around 84 grams, and in those slices you find 24 grams of pure protein, or half of the amount of protein recommended for a single day.

2. Full of Vitamin B – Those same two thick slices of turkey that give you half of your day’s worth of protein also give you about half of your day’s Vitamin B needs. Vitamin B3 is key for energy production, B6 helps in forming crucial amino acids, and Vitamin B12 is key to the formation of healthy red blood cells.

3. Rich in minerals – Turkey is also rich in vital minerals for the body. Zinc helps the body with enzyme reaction, protein synthesis, and gene expression. Selenium helps to boost metabolism, improves growth rate, and helps to regulate hormones. Phosphorus helps to boost bone health. All of these, along with smaller amounts of magnesium and potassium, can be found in fresh turkey.

4. Low in calories and carbs – Turkey is tasty, it’s full of nutrients, and it’s guilt-free. An 85 grams serving of turkey only has about 177 calories with a protein content that keeps you full for hours. For those on a low-carb diet, turkey has no carbohydrates as long as they aren’t present in the spice blends or marinades used to flavor it.

5. It contains less cholesterol than other meat proteins – When compared to beef, pork, or even chicken, light skinless turkey contains less cholesterol, fats, and saturated fats. This provides a healthy and tasty protein source for those looking to lower their cholesterol through diet.

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