SoLé SoupS Southwestern Chicken Chili


SoLé Soups Southwestern Chicken Chili

All-white meat Chicken, Pintos and a host of other yummy ingredients leave this recipe poised to solve even the mightiest hunger; incredible, tangy flavor with just the perfect amount of spice & heat- just enough is more than enough.

SoLé Soups Southwestern Chicken Chili has a touch of sliced jalapenos- an ingredient that can make even the most bland food more palatable (which could mean some of us will be more likely to stick with a weight loss plan)! They can also boost metabolism: studies have shown that a compound found in peppers (Capsaicin) can induce a Thermogenic Effect, and cause the body to burn additional calories for up to 20 minutes post consumption.

Solid source of Protein, Fiber, Vitamin C., unique Anti-oxidants Lycopene and Astaxanthin.

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