SoLé SoupS Beef Bone Broth


SoLé SoupS Beef Bone Broth

Free-Range, Grass Fed; warm and delicious;

Providing easily digestable nutrition, SoLé SoupS Beef Bone Broth is rich in Protein. Numerous studies have shown, its chief Amino Acids (the building blocks of Protein) Cystine, Histidine, and Glycine can reduce some inflammatory effects of Arthritis, with L-glutamine specifically identified as able to diminish various digestive irritations.

This same Protein is great for those trying to build muscle, or even recover from illness. In a study of both healthy participants and those undergoing cancer therapy it was discovered that ingesting Amino Acids helped stimulate muscle growth and reduce inflammation.

With a wide array Minerals and Vitamins, SoLé SoupS Beef Bone Broth helps supply critical components of strong bones and teeth: Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Boron, and Iron- Vitamins D, A, C, B and K.

Enjoy a cup of SoLé SoupS Beef Bone Broth before your next meal (or as a late evening ‘snack’ instead of something heavier); health studies suggest that ingesting broth before eating helped to moderate caloric intake during the next meal. Reducing calories along with regular exercise and plenty of sleep is a known combination for optimum health. Let SoLé SoupS Beef Bone Broth be your new flavorful health elixir!

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