The Need for Sleep


The Need for Sleep

Considered a public health epidemic by the CDC, sleep deprivation cannot only wreak havoc on your physical appearance but on your cognition and mental health as well. Over the past year, you’ve probably come across wearable tech that tracks sleep. Now, sleep is being addressed by more categories in the health and wellness space than ever before. Expect to see more blue-light blocking glasses and screen protectors as well as mood-boosting light bulbs that can also help you wind down and wake up.

Not only does a solid sleep schedule make for better thinking and cognitive decision-making, but it is also important for your general health. The better your sleep schedule, the less risk you have of getting heart problems, weight gain, and anxiety.

If you have problems falling asleep, try going to bed at the same time each night, as well as exercising in the morning if you normally do so at night.

While you want to avoid eating a big meal late at night, a cup of chicken or beef bone broth can help relieve stress and calm you down before bed.

Some studies have shown chicken or beef bone broth consumed half an hour before you retire for the evening might be a healthy bedtime snack and could mean a more restful night’s sleep. You know we have the ones you like the best. Visit SoLé SoupS in Agoura Hills or Thousand Oaks, or order online for pickup or delivery.



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