The History of Paramount Ranch


The History of Paramount Ranch

The History of Paramount Ranch begins when Paramount Pictures purchased the property in 1927, a 2,700-acre ranch located in Agoura Hills, Californa on Medea Creek, Santa Monica Mountains. For the next 25 years, Paramount Ranch became a popular location for filmmaking featuring many Hollywood icons.  Filmmakers enjoyed the flexibility of the site which allowed them to create distant locations including colonial Massachusetts for The Maid of Salem (1937), ancient China in The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938), a South Seas island in Ebb Tide (1937), and numerous western locations including San Francisco in Wells Fargo (1937). The art of illusion was reinforced by the landscape.

Paramount Ranch changed ownership numerous times, but from 1957 to 1980 it continued to host Hollywood productions. Most recently, the ranch was used for television shows including Weeds, Westworld, and The X-Files. Paramount Ranch then suffered almost total destruction from the Woolsey fires in 2018, which burned almost 97,000 acres across Southern California. By that time it was managed by the National Park Service. Recently, a campaign called The Paramount Project was launched to help restore and preserve the ranch. “Let’s today begin to make that commitment to restore this place,” said state Assemblymember Richard Bloom, speaking at a press conference to announce a new fundraising initiative to restore the Western film set in the Santa Monica Mountains.

“It is so important to the history, not just right here of this spot and the Paramount Ranch but really, to the industry that it’s so much a part of,” he said. The ranch isn’t merely a filming location. It’s also a popular venue for weddings and other events. David Szymanski, superintendent of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, said park officials want to rebuild it with that in mind.

Paramount Ranch is an iconic historical landmark in Agoura Hills. Next time you’re in town, or even if you live here, why not make a pit stop at our Agoura Solé Soup Studio and stock up before taking a quick hike or drive by the iconic film set and old Western town that once was, Paramount Ranch.




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