Try these Tasty SoLé SoupS


Try these Tasty SoLé SoupS

Try these Tasty SoLé SoupS for a delicious change of pace. SoLé SoupS Cauliflower Soup and SoLé SoupS Hearty Turkey Chili. Our Cauliflower soup has no butter and no cream. Cooked cauliflower has been linked to lower blood cholesterol thanks to its ability to bind certain Bile acids. SoLé SoupS Hearty Turkey Chili is balanced and robust, savory but not spicy, and always a crowd favorite. Turkey has more protein per ounce than other meats and is a good source of Magnesium, Selenium, Vitamins A, B5, and B9. What’s more, there are plenty of reasons to increase your protein intake. Along with reducing appetite and hunger levels, protein also helps increase muscle mass and strength. Protein also helps prevent muscle loss during weight loss. An added benefit to the protein-rich Hearty Turkey Chili, it can curtail those late-night food cravings we all get. Protein also boosts metabolism and increases fat burning, helping you burn up to 80-100 calories a day. Because a high protein diet boosts metabolism and leads to a lower calorie intake, many people who increase their protein intake lose weight immediately. Protein also helps the body recover after injury. Seeing as it forms the building blocks of your tissues and organs, it makes perfect sense.

When you’re ready to try these tasty SoLé SoupS order now for pickup 0r delivery from SoLé SoupS. Choose from more than forty signature soups, salads, and single-serve entrees made from fresh, organic ingredients right here in sunny Southern California. Now that we’ve partnered with Postmates, when you select the ORDER button you can view and add menu items, select pick-up or delivery, and confirm all your selections before making payment. Start with the location closest to you when you place your order. We are conveniently located in Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks.


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