What People are Saying About Solé SoupS


What People are Saying About Solé SoupS

What people are saying about Solé SoupS is always flattering to us and if you’ve never visited we invite you in. Try all of our healthy and affordable soups at either of our Solé SoupS Studios in Agoura Hills or Thousand Oaks, California. Here’s what some of our customers have said about our delicious soups!

Melissa C. said, “If we could have brought you with us …we would have. Our family moved from the Agoura Hills area to the frozen tundra in March 2017. Our move was all about being closer to family. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize our move also meant losing newfound family members – you! Your great restaurant introduced us to a new, delicious, and HEALTHY way of eating; a new way of eating a way that has yet to be replicated. Your enthusiasm, friendliness, and culinary expertise are really missed. Keeping our fingers crossed that an online | mail order business is in the works…’cause we really need you when the wind chill is -23 degrees!”

Fox T. said, “So happy I discovered this place! I remember their soups from the farmers market in Calabasas. They always have great vegetarian and vegan options, and I’ve never tried a soup here I didn’t like! The lovely lady who always seems to be working when I come in is very friendly and always a pleasure to chat with. I’ve already told several friends about SoLé and they all love it too! Oh did I mention you get to try before you commit? Although like I said, I’ve yet to try a soup here I didn’t like! So turns out the more samples I try, the more soups I buy to take home and eat later.”

Michelle O. is a fan of not only our soups but salads too! “So far so good! I came here to get the beef soup and the Greek Salad, I enjoyed both! The Greek salad was quite large, the dressing was light, mostly with olive oil and a little bit of vinegar. The soup was good and not too salty. They give you a biscotti, it is savory, a bit spicy; it was delicious! I definitely can say I am a fan and will be returning!”

What people are saying about Solé SoupS is important to us and we appreciate the kind words. Don’t forget to stay up to date with all our daily soup, salad, and fresh frozen entree menu selections when you Follow our Instagram (@solesoups). For special offers and customer rewards, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and welcome to the Solé SoupS family.

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