3 Stunning Benefits Peaches Can Bring To Your Life


3 Stunning Benefits Peaches Can Bring To Your Life

Georgia is known as “the peach state.” South Carolina and New Jersey are near the top in peach production. And California provides over half of the fresh peaches in the U.S.

Despite their stronghold across the nation, peaches aren’t from around here. They originally came from China. Georgia was the first state to begin producing them when they arrived around 1571, and now they’re a traditional staple of summer that most people just can’t get enough of.

The Different Types Of Peaches

They come in more than one variety, and more than one category.

Yellow peaches have a golden colored flesh on the inside, and a deep reddish orange skin on the outside. They are both sweet and slightly tangy. Their season runs from May through September.

White peaches have a white colored flesh on the inside. The skin on the outside is lighter than their yellow counterpart’s, with more of a pink, pale hue. They are delicate fruits that are prone to bruising, but have a super-sweet flavor with low acidity.

Donut peaches have white flesh and a really sweet flavor. Their skin comes in a variety of colors, but they are easy to recognize for their flat, donut-like shape.

All three varieties of peaches are categorized as either clingstone or freestone peaches. The stone refers to the pit inside the fruit.

Clingstone peaches have flesh that sticks to the pit. The flesh must be cut away from the pit with a knife in order to eat it. They are commonly used for processing due to their difficulty in separating the fruit from the pit.

Freestone peaches have a flesh that separates easily from the pit. These are commonly found in grocery stores and used in desserts. They are slightly less juicy and sweet than clingstone peaches.

3 Big Health Benefits Of Peaches

Packed with power. There are over 10 health-boosting vitamins and minerals that can be found in just one peach. Not only that, each peach is packed with antioxidants that combat oxidative damage and helps protect your body from disease.

Can help keep you moving. One medium sized peach contains about 2 grams of fiber, and fiber is great for your gut. It can reduce constipation and provide food for the healthy bacteria found in your intestines. This bacteria is responsible for reducing inflammation, so it might be beneficial for those with IBS, UC, and Crohn’s.

Can help your heart. They contain compounds that can help fight obesity related diabetes, and can be successful in fighting metabolic syndrome. These compounds also reduce the oxidation of bad cholesterol (LDL) which is typically associated with heart disease.

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