Thousand Oaks Is The Jewel Of Ventura County


Thousand Oaks Is The Jewel Of Ventura County

California is home to the booming city of Los Angeles, but just 40 miles to the north lies a city that has just as much history, with a little less hustle: Thousand Oaks.

The Chumash people were its first inhabitants hundreds of years ago. Pictographs can still be found of the time they spent on the land. In 1542, Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo claimed the land for Spain. It remained largely unsettled until the early 1800s when the Spanish governor granted 48,671 acres of land to his loyal soldiers. Early land owners include John Edwards of Wales, Howard Mills from Minnesota, and Egbert Starr Newbury from Michigan. Newbury established the first post office in 1875.

The city continued to grow and thrive with chicken ranches, apricot orchards, dairy farms, and a community that was tight-knit and proud. By 1961, the town contained two shopping centers, schools, churches, and a four-year college. In 1964, the community voted to incorporate, and Thousand Oaks became a city with nearly 20,000 people living within the 14.28 square miles of the newly drawn boundaries.

Historical Points Of Interest In Thousand Oaks

The Stagecoach Inn – Previously located closer to Freeway 101, this historic building has worn many hats over the years serving as a school, a post office, a movie set, a steakhouse, and even a church. The original structure was built in 1876, burned down in the 1970’s, and was reconstructed and moved to its current location at 51 Ventura Park Road.

Oakbrook Regional Park Archeological Area – This 428-acre park has 11 archeological sites, hiking trails, and a Chumash Village replica. Be sure to visit the shelters where you can view original Chumash pictographs.

Goebel’s Lion Farm Site (Jungleland) – Louis Goebel built this farm in 1927 and used it as a place to import, breed, and maintain exotic animals that were rented to the local movie studios. His animals included the famous MGM lion. The original buildings that housed the animals were demolished in the 1970s, but it’s still a popular tourist attraction.

Joel McCrea Ranch – The 220 acres of this beautiful historical site is currently owned by the Conejo Recreation and Park District. There is still a working portion of the ranch that houses barns, shops, corrals, a bunkhouse, and a milk house.

Hunt Olive Tree – This is the only surviving olive tree that was part of an orchard planted by R.O. Hunt in 1876. The tree was moved to its current location in 1993 and continues to thrive in excellent condition.

We’re The New Kids On The Block

Thousand Oaks has been thriving for centuries, but we’re relatively new here. Our new Thousand Oaks Soup Studio embraces everything that the city has always stood for; variety, comfort, and a healthy way of life. Our soups are organic, fresh, and made with all of the best ingredients your body can handle. The next time you take a tour of all that Thousand Oaks has to offer, we’ll be here waiting for you. We are located at 1772B E Avenida De Los Arboles, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362.

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