History Lies In The Hills


History Lies In The Hills

Agoura Hills, that is.

In the early days, the area was no more than a stop on the stagecoach line, referred to as “Vejar Junction.” In the 1920s, Hollywood purchased a ranch in the area, which gave it the name of “Picture City,” but that name just didn’t stick.

In 1928 a group of residents formed a Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber’s first action was to establish a permanent post office. The Postal Service informed them that in order to do so, they must provide a list of ten potential names for the town. After compiling a list of nine, the townspeople chose the name “Agoure” for the tenth spot.

Pierre Agoure was a well-liked landowner who was known for his colorful costumes. His name was selected in the end because it was the shortest of all submissions. How the “e” became an “a” remains a mystery to this day.

Historical Home

The Reyes Adobe Historical site was built here in 1850, and it served as Agoura Hills’ first home. Widow Maria Antonia Machado purchased the home from her uncle and raised her 14 children there. The home transferred ownership many times over the years, as many were intent on preserving the landmark. Community has always been important for the residents of the area.

Though it was damaged in the Northridge earthquake of 1994, it has been restored to its original condition. It currently houses an interpretive center and museum where visitors can hear the stories and history of the area. The Reyes Adobe is open to tourists and is located at 31400 Rainbow Crest Drive in Reyes Adobe Park.

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