What’s So Great About Carrots In Soup?


What’s So Great About Carrots In Soup?

Carrots are a common ingredient found in homemade soups. Those in Agoura or Thousand Oaks visiting their local SoLé Soup Studio® might be surprised to see carrots popping up in what seems like unlikely homemade soup recipes, but there’s good reason to bring a little carrot into just about anything. First and foremost, carrots are a delicious and simple wholesome ingredient that incorporates beautifully along with so many flavors. Second, they’re just plain good for you. A few of the key benefits of carrots are:

• Improves vision – Enjoying carrots for your eyes isn’t just an old wives’ tale, there’s some truth in the claims! Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which transforms into Vitamin A when it reaches the liver, aiding in the pigments necessary for healthy night vision. Additionally, beta-carotene has been shown in studies to protect against macular degeneration, and those who consumed a liberal amount of carrots regularly had a 40% decreased risk of macular degeneration compared to those who do not.

• Slows down the signs of aging – The cells of the body age, and there isn’t much we can do to stop aging, but we can slow it down. The same beta-carotene that helps to keep eyes healthy also works as a powerful antioxidant, protecting the cells from damage caused by free radicals. By protecting the cells of the body, it works to slow the aging of those same cells.

• Promotes glowing complexion – The California sun we experience in Agoura and Thousand Oaks can do real damage to your skin, but carrots can help to correct that damage. The Vitamin A and antioxidants found in carrots protect the skin from sun damage, along with other conditions like acne, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

• Helps the liver to detoxify – The liver is an important organ tasked with keeping the body toxin-free. When Vitamin A is created in the liver, it helps the liver to better flush out toxins from the body, while reducing levels of bile and fat. Carrots are also high in fiber, which cleanses the colon during digestion.

• Healthy digestion – Carrots are naturally high in fiber, which keeps your digestive system working at its best. Without proper fiber, the digestive system is unable to properly break down and pass foods, and this could lead your body to flushing out nutrients it should be taking in. The fiber in carrots keeps you absorbing your nutrients while also helping you to feel fuller for longer.

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