What You Can Expect The Next Time You Come Into Our SoLé Soup Studio®


What You Can Expect The Next Time You Come Into Our SoLé Soup Studio®

The SoLé SoupS experience is one that we extend to each and every customer that comes into our SoLé Soup Studio®. A few of the latest and greatest customer experiences we want to highlight are best expressed through a few firsthand Yelp! reviews:

• Healthy lunch spot – Katy R from Woodland Hills, CA stopped in on the 20th of October and had this to say “Tried this place for the first time. Very friendly & helpful staff. The soups, Greek salad and sides I got were incredibly flavorful & fresh tasting. So great to have a healthy lunch spot!”

Not only do we try to provide a convenient and sunny spot to grab a quick lunch, but we know that nutritional value shouldn’t be compromised for convenience. When you stop in, you’ll have a friendly and helpful experience to go along with knowing you’ve done your body right this lunchtime!

• Your latest obsession – When was the last time you really craved something that was quick, easy, and delicious all at once? Candice C says “Absolutely obsessed. And a little embarrassed to admit how often I eat here. Healthy, hearty, clean eating. Lots of vegan and vegetarian options.”

No matter what your dietary preferences are, there’s something for everyone to obsess over at the SoLé Soup Studio®. If you want complete satisfaction without having to think too hard on where to go, SoLé SoupS is just the place!

• Healthy dinner to-go – Beverly Hills resident Azi A had to say about SoLé SoupS “Came here for the first time yesterday-we are remodeling our home in Calabasas and currently without a kitchen… I loved the fact that all of her ingredients are organic, prices were affordable, and everything was absolutely delicious! There wasn’t one soup I didn’t like, the chicken chili was top notch, can’t go wrong with the corn or fennel.”

If you’re ever stuck with a broken oven, renovations, or any reason why dinner at home simply isn’t going to work, SoLé SoupS has you covered. A healthy, clean, and affordable meal for the entire family is always ready to go. For a quick cook-at-home meal, we even have frozen options you can heat up on the stove and enjoy hot and fresh!

Come on into our SoLé Soup Studio in Agoura Hills and try any of our soups including squash and our new ramen. If you’re not juicing you should be souping.

3 Responses to What You Can Expect The Next Time You Come Into Our SoLé Soup Studio®

  1. Hi,
    Absolutely love your bone broth, esp. the fact that I can take it to work frozen and heat there. But your containers for frozen soups are incredibly (really, incredibly) difficult to open, esp. when contents are frozen. Could you please try to find an easier opening packaging option? (My fingers and teeth will be very grateful!)

    • Thanks for the input Katie. We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Please take the soups out to defrost or stick in warm water for ten minutes. Next time you visit the store ask us and we’ll give you some suggestions to open them more easily.

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