Keep Warm With SoLé SoupS After You Take To The Mountain


Keep Warm With SoLé SoupS After You Take To The Mountain

When going on a ski trip, you want to save as much space in the car as possible, but still bring all the things you’ll need to stay warm and cozy after a day spent on the slopes. Mammoth Lakes, Squaw Valley, the Sierra Nevada range, no matter your pick, there’s something special about refueling after spending the whole day falling in love with the nature of California mountains over and over again. So, how do you plan to pack what you need to refuel?

SoLé SoupS has just what you’re looking for, and it’s ready to go just for your family! Our frozen soups to go fit right into the family cooler, and they’re just the thing for a healthy, hearty, and comforting lunch or dinner after a long day of skiing. Rather than bringing along with you a bevy of fresh ingredients you’ll need to lug to your destination and then spend an hour or more preparing, your perfect post-ski trip meal is ready to heat and serve! What goes into SoLé SoupS is always healthy, always organic, and always fit for all dietary needs.

SoLé SoupS has many different soups that are perfect for warming up after taking to the slopes. A few soup options we really love for their post-ski trip comfort food value are:

1. Southwestern Chicken Chili – For a warm, spicy, and flavorful soup that really sticks to the ribs and fills you up, our Southwestern Chicken Chili is just right. This chili is a solid source of fiber and protein, so you’re left feeling full and satisfied.

2. Beef Bone Broth – A long day of skiing can leave you pretty sore and your muscles pretty tired. Our Beef Bone Broth contains good muscle building proteins, and it’s extra easy to digest so you’re left warm and comfortable ready to recover from a long day on the slopes.

3. Hearty Beef Stew – Dairy free, gluten free, and ready to fill you up during any season! Our Hearty Beef Stew reheats beautifully, and serves as the perfect comfort dish after spending the day enjoying your favorite ski resort. Nice and full of B vitamins and iron, the Hearty Beef Stew is energizing while filling you up.

4. Cauliflower soup – For the entire family, our Cauliflower soup has zero butter, zero cream, but all of the hearty and soothing nature of a soup that has both. Cauliflower may also boost the body’s digestive system, so you’re absorbing more of the good stuff contained in an all-natural, organic, and healthy soup.

Come on into our SoLé Soup Studio in Agoura Hills and try any of our soups including squash and our new ramen. If you’re not juicing you should be souping.

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