Where Did Chicken Pot Pie Come From?


Where Did Chicken Pot Pie Come From?

Pot pie is a meat pie with somewhat contested origins, though the general consensus is that this delicious comfort food got its start in ancient Greece. At SoLé SoupS, we love the idea of a rich and hearty chicken pot pie, one filled with wholesome natural ingredients to fill you up on a cool day after hitting the slopes or sitting around the kitchen table with your family. Since Greece, chicken pot pie has been adapted into its own regional iterations incorporating the regional flavors of several different countries, but all versions have in common the same central cozy tastes and textures we’ve come to know and love.

Pot pie is a type of meat pie, and one that incorporates a flaky pastry top and bottom crust with an interior containing chicken, carrots, peas, celery, gravy, and whatever seasonings you love. The ancient Greek version was called Artocreas, and featured an open pastry shell while the modern version typically keeps the top shell closed. Inside of the Artocreas could be chicken and vegetables, or any type of protein and veggie combination a person may prefer. During the 19th century when pot pies were first brought to America, the protein of choice wasn’t chicken but robin, which was common to find along the east coast.

As settlers migrated east to west, they brought the pot pie with them, and these pot pies incorporated the flavors most commonly found throughout all different United States regions. Pot pies in California may be different from those being served in Virginia, but the one common thread all shared were the warm and filling nature the pot pie is famous for.

Chicken pot pie specifically is a favorite of the Pennsylvania Dutch, who call the dish a “bot boi”. Traditionally, a chicken stew is placed in a dumpling like dough pastry alongside noodles, potatoes, celery, carrots, and any other seasonal vegetables available. The chicken pot pie more widely enjoyed across the United States tends to use a more flaky pastry crust, but remains quite similar to the Pennsylvania Dutch favorite.

There’s no wrong way to love a chicken pot pie, but the right way is with all natural ingredients that bring out the flavors and textures that solidified this dish as a classic American favorite!

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