What’s So Good About Celery And Carrots?


What’s So Good About Celery And Carrots?

Celery and carrots are common add-ins in various soups. At SoLé SoupS, you’ll find these two little superfoods inside a variety of what you see inside of the Soups Studio®, and while you may not notice them while they’re there, we’re sure you’d be likely to notice their absence if they weren’t. Carrots and celery add flavor and texture to any soup, stew, chili, or pot pie filling, but also quite a bit of nutritional value.

The Nutritional Value Of Celery

Commonly added for a touch of texture and a bit of its natural peppery taste, celery has quite a bit more to offer than many people realize. It’s full of polysaccharides and antioxidants, which help to fight the free-radicals believed to contribute to inflammation. As a home remedy, celery is often recommended in the diets of those who have inflammatory conditions like arthritis, skin conditions, and joint pain.

Celery is also low in calories, so you’re able to enjoy a touch of added flavor and texture without ever having to worry about adding in extra caloric intake. When eaten regularly alone or in soups, stews, and other dishes, celery provides essential minerals, vitamins, potassium, and electrolytes without adding anything unwanted to your recipe. This means that those looking to lose weight can enjoy added flavor and nutrition without ever getting off track.

The Nutritional Value Of Carrots

While many don’t realize the full nutritional benefit of celery, few are in the dark about how great carrots are for the body! Carrots contributing to better eyesight isn’t a myth, and the beta-carotene naturally contained in carrots is converted to vitamin A by the body, helping to protect the eyes from vitamin deficiency related conditions. Cataracts, macular degeneration, and night blindness may all be kept at bay by having your fair share of beta-carotene rich carrots!

The beta-carotene in carrots aren’t just good for the eyes, it’s also shown to be good for the brain. According to an 18-year-old Harvard study, consuming 50mg of beta-carotene each day can help to stave off cognitive delay due to aging, and carrots are an excellent natural source. When you have a soup or stew with bits of fresh carrot inside, you’re giving your body quite a bit more than a simple punch of flavor!

Celery and carrots are a must for a great healthy soup, in both flavor and adding to the soup’s nutritional value. With a dedication to natural and delicious nutrition, we couldn’t imagine our recipes without them at your local Soups Studio®.

Come on into our SoLé SoupS Studio in Agoura Hills and try any of our soups including squash and our new ramen. If you’re not juicing you should be souping.

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