What Is Ramen And The Health Benefits?


What Is Ramen And The Health Benefits?

When most people think of Ramen, they think first of those small plastic packages they see at the grocery store. They run for about a dime, you cook them in the microwave or on the stove top, and when you add the flavor packet they taste like little else than meaty salt. However, what we know as a college diet staple isn’t authentic ramen, the traditional Japanese soup packed full with nutrition and flavor. 

Genuine Ramen first came to Japan through Japan’s first Chinatown, but although the origin is steeped in both Chinese and Japanese history, it’s the latter that really embraced the dish as their own. Ramen is comprised of opaque egg noodles with the ingredient Kansui, a form of alkaline water originating from Mongolia. The egg noodles rest in a variety of broths, and some of the most popular traditional variations include miso, shoyu, shio, tonkotsu, but beef and chicken stocks are common as well. 

The noodles and the broth base are just the beginning of ramen, and where a great deal of flavor lies is in the myriad of toppings you can choose to beef up your soup. A hard or soft boiled egg cut in half, hunks of flavorful pork and beef, seaweed, sprouts, corn, and narutomaki are just some of the most popular toppings most simply cannot enjoy a traditional bowl of ramen without. 

The Health Benefits Of Ramen 

Ramen is the quintessential comfort food for many. Ramen lovers swear by a nice big bowl to ward off a cold, shake that run down feeling, or fill up their bellies after a long day. Fresh ramen is packed full of protein, so it really will leave you feeling full and satisfied after a long day. The broth, the meat included in the ramen, and the traditional egg noodles all contribute to the satisfying protein content. 

A bowl of ramen is also packed full of additional protein and fresh vegetables thanks to the toppings you choose. Choosing a variety of rich meats, fresh vegetables, and the must-have egg will contribute to the nutrient content of the soup in a way that customizable to your needs and your palette. If you’re feeling down and drained after a long day, ramen behaves like a gastro-hug that fills you up while comforting you from the inside out! 

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