What Our Customers Are Saying


What Our Customers Are Saying

What is the best way to see what’s been happening at SoLé SoupS? It’s to stop on in and see for yourself! However, the next best thing is to see what our customers have been saying. Recent reviews and testimonials show high points our customers love looking forward to when they stop into their local Soups Studio TM. 

If you’re looking for variety, Rob S. on Yelp backs up all that SoLé SoupS has to offer. In his review Rob states – 

 “Who knew soup could be this good!?  Over the past few days we’ve tried quite a few of their offerings but these stand out in my mind –

-Cauliflower, Coconut, & Cumin

-Chicken & Barley

-Chipotle Corn

-Spicy Tomato & Turkey Meatballs

All delicious!  Made with farm fresh ingredients you can practically taste the farm freshness bursting in your mouth.”

There are so many different flavors to celebrate in soup, so why stick with just a few tried and tested favorites? We always have a new fresh offering hot and ready for you at SoLé SoupS, so why not switch it up and try something new every day. Not sure if you’ll like something? Ask for a sample and give it a shot; you might be surprised by what flavors you actually love. 

SoLé SoupS also offers something for everyone, and this includes people of all diets. Candice C. on Yelp is impressed with our vegan and vegetarian selections, stating “Absolutely obsessed. And a little embarrassed to admit how often I eat here. Healthy, hearty, clean eating. Lots of vegan and vegetarian options.” Not only do we pride ourselves on providing clean and pure options, but we want to offer these options to absolutely everyone who stops by. 

As Alanna S. on Yelp points out, we also take care of soup night in. “I’ve done a review before but I must say that they have such delicious fresh soups!!! Love that I work nearby because it’s just perfect for days I want something hearty, healthy, and quickly. Always nice staff as well!!! Yum. You can also purchase cold or frozen soups to heat later and broth.” It’s not always easy getting the family together to go out for lunch or dinner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the fresh bowl of soup you’ve been craving. Our frozen soups come complete with reheating instructions, and we set out to give you the complete SoLé SoupS experience you’re after right in the comfort of your own home. 

SoLé SoupS also sets out to provide a quick experience. We know that there’s not much worse than enduring a long and grueling wait while you’re late and hungry, so we want you to get your soup as soon as possible. Yelper Beatriz G wrote “I arrived a few minutes before 2 pm thinking I would have to endure the end of the lunch-hour traffic crew. NOPE! It was quiet and I got to try a few samples.” A great soup experience is more than just great soup, it’s also the atmosphere you get to enjoy it in! 

Come on into our SoLé SoupS Studio in Agoura Hills and try any of our soups including squash and our new ramen. If you’re not juicing you should be souping.

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