The Top 4 Experiences To Tell You All About SoLé SoupS


The Top 4 Experiences To Tell You All About SoLé SoupS

With 142 Yelp reviews and 17 reviews on Google, there’s a lot of locals that are saying great things about SoLé SoupS. Whether you’re planning to eat in our SoupS Studio TM or you’re just grabbing a few favorites to keep in the fridge for another time, these experiences can tell you everything you need to know about your upcoming SoLé SoupS experience. The top 4 experiences to tell you all about SoLé SoupS are:

1. Something for everyone – Google reviewer Estee C’s testimonial highlights the SoLé SoupS commitment to having something available for everyone. The review reads “Always a great variety of healthy soup options both fresh and frozen to go. They have everything from vegan soups to bone broths, as well as a case full of fresh salads and snack.” Our SoupS Studio TM not only offers vegan options, but gluten-free options, too, as well as freshly made snacks and salads so everyone can come in and leave satisfied.

2. On variety and customer service – Yelp reviewer Lyrissa L’s testimonial highlights the SoLé SoupS dedication to great customer service and serving the area with a variety of different healthy and delicious offerings. “I come here for lunch pretty much every day. The restaurant is clean and the service is excellent. The soups are incredible! And if you aren’t feeling soup, they have pasta and salads. The owner is the kindest person in the entire world. Please come here!!”

3. Unique offerings and tasty classics – On Google, Thomas Johnson highlighted the SoLé SoupS take on classic soups, as well as our offerings of something a little different to go with it. The testimonial reads “This is my favorite soup spot! Soups are excellent, with a good variety of choices – anything from bone broth to chicken curry with coconut milk. My favorite is the clam chowder. It is so smooth and creamy and yummy…and gf. Not in the mood for soup? Then grab one of their fresh and very tasty salads. Oh and don’t forget to ask for a savory biscotti to go with your soup!”

4. Our commitment to consistency – At SoLé SoupS, we’re dedicated to delivering a consistently good experience to every visitor at our SoupS Studio TM every time. Yelp reviewer Stephanie S. of Woodland Hills said of her May 2018 experience “Absolutely love Sole! Every single soup I’ve had there is amazing and it’s always so hard to pick which one I want! Some of my favorites are the mushroom, carrot ginger, turkey meatballs, and their bone broths are soooo good.”

Why not come in and see for your self?

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