The Most Popular Salads In America


The Most Popular Salads In America

Salads are a pretty popular lunch or dinner option in America, and they go even better with a hot soup. At our SoupS Studio TM our fresh-made entrée salads take flavors from all of the most popular salads in America, and combine them with the benefit with fresh natural ingredients. When a salad boasts fresh and natural ingredients, like our Greek Entree Salad, Chinese Chicken Entree Salad, and Chicken Caesar Entree Salad, you get to taste what makes each and every simple ingredient really something special.

The Greek Entrée Salad and Chicken Caesar Entrée Salad take a fresh spin on two of the single most popular salad types in the United States. For a salad experience with something a little exciting and different, the Chinese Chicken Entrée Salad uses Asian inspired flavors with all-natural ingredients to give you a memorable lunch or dinnertime experience.


Why Eat Salad?


Soup and salad are a natural pair of buddies, but there is something distinctly refreshing about enjoying a salad on its own during a hot summer day. A few of the health and nutritional benefits of eating salad include:

 A natural source of healthy fiber – The leafy greens and raw vegetables found in our SoLé SoupS are a great source of natural healthy fiber. Fiber helps to regulate the digestive system, control bad cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, and promotes healthy weight maintenance.

 Promotes eye health – Dark leafy greens found in salads, like romaine, spinach, and red lettuce, are full of carotenoids, which really help our eyes. The carotenoids help the eyes to adjust from bright to dark settings better, while also protecting them from free radical damage.

 Helps to build stronger bones – The same dark leafy greens that help your eyes are also often filled with vitamin K. Low vitamin K levels in women have been shown to link with low bone density, and a full daily dose of vitamin K can be found in just one single serving of greens like spinach.

 Heart health – Some lettuces, like romaine in particular, contain two key components that really look after the heart muscle. These components are folate and fiber, which are known anti-inflammatories that can help to protect in the prevention of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

The most popular salads in America are those that are full of fresh and nutritious ingredients, like those we serve at our SoLé SoupS SoupS Studio TM. Whether as a meal-buddy to your favorite soup, or an entrée salad on its own, they’re always freshly made and ready to provide a rich and nourishing tasty experience.

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