5 Reasons Why You Want To Eat Black Beans


5 Reasons Why You Want To Eat Black Beans

Black beans are one of those foods that go with everything and can be eaten at every meal. Hungry for a Nutritious Pure Delicious breakfast burrito? Add SoLé SoupS Black Bean puree or our Mighty 2-Bean TM for a morning wrap that’s loaded with extra protein! Want something comforting and filling for lunch or dinner at our SoupS Studio TM? Try out our Hearty Turkey Chili and let the power of black beans make your belly happy while reaping every benefit. 5 reasons why you want to eat black beans with your next meal are:

1. Digestion superfood – Black beans contain high levels of both protein and fiber, which makes them something of a superfood for your digestive system. What both of these dietary components do is help to move food through the digestive tract, so it’s eliminated in a healthy way. Black beans are digested more slowly than other high protein foods, like meat, which also means they help you to feel fuller for longer.

2. Helps to keep blood sugar under control – Black beans are also known for helping to keep blood sugar under control. When digestive rates are unbalanced and out of whack, your blood sugar levels begin to suffer. By keeping your digestion going at a nice and steady rate, black beans keep your blood sugar on track.

3. Aid in nervous system health – Black beans encourage the production of the necessary amino acids and molybdenum your nervous system requires to stay healthy. The beans are high in folate, a folic acid, which is responsible for the regulation of certain amino acids our nervous systems need to remain working efficiently.

4. Boost in natal health – For pregnant women, black beans are a great dietary addition. The same folate that helps to regulate amino acids needed by the nervous system also aids in protecting and building healthy infants in the womb. Folate levels in a pregnant woman’s body are crucial to the development of a healthy brain and spinal cord for the baby.

5. Powerful anti-inflammatory – Black beans are rich in flavonoids, which are known to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The reduction of inflammation is a key component to keeping a healthy heart and treating chronic pain.

No matter who you are, or what meal you’re eating, black beans have a place on your plate or in your bowl. Our SoupS Studio TM is here for the next time you want that healthy black bean fix!

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