Testimonial: Healthy Soups Fit A Healthy Lifestyle


Testimonial: Healthy Soups Fit A Healthy Lifestyle

People can’t stop thinking about our soups; while at home, at work, or (in this case) on the treadmill at the gym! Nina G says:

“Omigosh, 3rd time at this amazing soup store and have never been disappointed. Was working out at my gym this morning and I can see the store from my treadmill – and all I could think about was the carrot ginger soup. (Ok…and maybe the cute trainer who was lifting in front of me). So this afternoon I came over here and of course I walked out with more than just the carrot ginger. The chicken curry with coconut milk was also beckoning so I acquiesced. While soups were being ladled into their 12 ounce containers, I started reading the menu board and also decided to take home the chipotle corn chowder and green detox soup. Imagine my delight when I got home and opened my paper bags and found 2 savory biscottis (Rosemary), that I promptly started dunking into my soups. Tastebudgasm happening now. Absolutely to die for!!!”

Nina, we think you just created a new word with “tastebudgasm” – and we like it! It does, however, reflect the way our soups and sides make people feel. Made with only organic ingredients, zero preservatives, and farm-fresh local produce whenever possible, it’s the perfect fit for any healthy lifestyle.

So many soups these days are loaded with preservatives, calories, and fat. But our soups are loaded with flavor and good taste that won’t weigh you down. In fact, Ruben Gonzalez gives us a 5-star review, saying:

“Delicious, fresh soups and salads with loyal customers waiting for the doors to open. I was very happy to find this place. A healthy option.”
And we do love our customers!

Soup is healing, soothing, and nourishing. When you experience SoLe’ SoupS first hand, you’ll not only get the warm-fuzzy feelings that soup can create, you’ll feel good about what you’re putting into your body. It’s clean eating at its finest. Try one of our amazing soups today and let the healthy comfort flow over you.

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