Testimonial: Come For The Soup, Come Back For The Service


Testimonial: Come For The Soup, Come Back For The Service

In a world where you can find the golden arches on every corner isn’t it nice to have an option for healthy eating? Sure, you can take your chance on one of those sandwich-artists, but just how fresh are those foot longs?

At SoLe’ SoupS, we’re making goodness happen each and every day. Come once for the soup, keep coming back for the service. Awe gee, Tammi S., your kind words are making us blush:

“I just cannot say enough about this little gem, but I am going to try. This amazing little cafe sells the most delicious soups in an immaculate, family run, easily accessed little storefront. Now, I would go to this place just for the chicken bone broth, which is AMAZING and HEALTHY. But, there are soooo many other soups that are mind blowing as well. My husband’s favorite is the Chicken curry with coconut milk, which is usually available hot on Friday. I love their red pepper and tomato soup. So yummy. Everything is labeled for your convenience if it is gluten free, vegan, etc. All soups are available frozen as well, which is so convenient. They also have a refrigerator with an amazing chicken salad, egg salad and assorted green salads which are great. Also, the frozen eggplant parmesan is fantastic. The family that owns and runs it is lovely. They get to know you and what you are going to order. It has turned into a great neighborhood place to eat delicious and healthy food. I am so thankful they set up shop here in Agoura Hills. What a great addition to our little town.”

Soup is universal. It has nourished generations of people in every culture and continues to do so today. SoLe’ SoupS feeds your body with the natural and organic ingredients it craves, such as fresh farm-grown carrots, butternut squash, and garden tomatoes. The beef in our beef stew and beef bone broth is grass fed and free range. And everything is organic, with no fillers, preservatives, or soy. The words healthy and delicious can come together in harmony when they join up to create soups the whole family will love.

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