What Makes An Heirloom Tomato An Heirloom Tomato?


What Makes An Heirloom Tomato An Heirloom Tomato?

How many apples could you name off the top of your head? Odds are, you could name at least a couple. Now, how many different tomatoes could you name off the top of your head? There’s a good chance that you can’t name nearly as many tomatoes as you can apples. However, there is a vast array of tomatoes, each with unique characteristics.
At SoLé SoupS, one of the tomatoes that we love to use is the heirloom tomato. The heirloom tomatoes that we use for our soups are salads are organic, grown fresh under the Californian sun. Curious about this type of tomato? Below, you’ll find out what exactly makes an heirloom tomato an heirloom tomato.


What Is An Heirloom Tomato?


An heirloom is something that families have passed down over the years, from generation to generation. So, that must make an heirloom tomato one that is very old, having been passed down for years, right? Close, not but exactly.

An heirloom tomato is one whose seeds have been passed down from generation to generation. To be considered an heirloom, the seeds must have been left unchanged since 1940. That’s nearly 80 years ago!


What Makes Heirlooms Unique?


One of the main reasons we prefer to use heirloom tomatoes is because they are open-pollinated. This means that humans do not pollinate them, nor are they genetically modified. As a result, heirloom tomatoes can look quite wacky. While other tomatoes are mutated to be consistent in appearance, heirloom tomatoes can grow freely. This means that they often vary in shape and color.

But, this is one of the main reasons why we love using heirloom tomatoes in our recipes. We seek to use only the freshest ingredients in our soups and salads. Heirloom tomatoes are organic. GMOs have become a frequent topic of conversation when discussing food safety. Using heirloom tomatoes allows us to avoid GMOs, ensuring you only receive the most natural ingredients when dining with us at SoLé SoupS.


Variations Of Heirloom Tomatoes


If you see a tomato labeled as an heirloom, it’s because of the way farmers grew the tomato. The term heirloom tomato is more of a broad phrase that can encompass many niche tomato varieties. Farmers consider all of the following tomato strains to be heirlooms:

• Brandywine
• Green Zebra
• San Marzano
• Lollypop
• Gardener’s Delight
• Big Rainbow
• Chocolate Cherry
• Cherokee Purple


Characteristics Of Heirlooms


Even though there are different variations of heirloom tomatoes, there are a few characteristics that they share in common. For one, heirloom tomatoes are very rich in flavor. This is another reason why we love using them in our dishes because they provide bold flavors. Have you every bit into a sandwich and felt the texture of a tomato, but failed to taste it? This likely would not have happened if there were heirloom tomato slices on the sandwich.

Heirloom tomatoes tend to be very meaty. They are also very juicy, making them the perfect choice for our dishes. The flavor of an heirloom tomato can range from sweet to tangy.

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