Exciting Menu Options At SoLé SoupS


Exciting Menu Options At SoLé SoupS

At SoLé SoupS, our team is continually trying to bring you new soups recipes using fresh, organic ingredients grown under the warm California sun. If you have not yet tried SoLé SoupS, there is no better time to do so. Implementing soups into your diet could be a useful tool to help you live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Why Soups Can Be Beneficial


There are numerous reasons why soups are a great dietary option. More and more researchers have begun to accept this as well. For example, registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Robin Foroutan, said that souping acts as a reset button for your body, allowing your internal system to rebalance itself. She continued, saying that souping is excellent for your digestive system, allowing it to de-bloat.

Studies have also shown that eating soup can you feel fuller, making it a useful weight loss tool. By filling you up, you’ll end up consuming fewer calories. One study showed that choosing soup as a snack over chips and pretzels helped participants lose 50% more weight, even though they ate the same number of calories.


Try Our New Soups Today


A common concern we’ve heard from people who are interested in Souping as a dietary style, is that they feel such a change could end up a little ‘boring’… after all, how many different Soups could there possibly be… There is a notion that there simply wouldn’t be enough choices to satisfy their taste buds on a day-in, day-out basis.

However when you join SoLé SoupS for delicious meals throughout the week, this is just not the case. Featured Selections change daily, and we rotate our soup offerings each week so that you are constantly treating yourself to delicious new flavors. Currently, with more than 30 unique recipes, and we are always looking to come up with something new and exciting. Our Soups are grouped into several different categories:

• Soups
•  Vegan Selections
• Vegetarian Selections
• Chili & More
•  Sauces & Chilled Soups
• Broths & Milk

Stop in and try one of our soups today!

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