What Can Egg Whites Do For You


What Can Egg Whites Do For You

There’s a reason why they call it “the incredible, edible egg.” Though there have been multiple reports that go back and forth about the goodness of eggs, the health benefits cannot be denied.


The “Bad” Reputation


So, what gives eggs a bad rap? Eggs are high in protein, vitamin D, choline, and other vitamins, making them a powerful, nutrient-packed food. The egg’s bad reputation, however, comes from the amount of cholesterol they contain.

What most people fail to realize is that every bit of that cholesterol resides inside the yolk. Take away the yolk and you’ve still got a powerful portion of protein and nutrients in the white that anyone can feel good about eating.


What About The Whites?


Egg whites are the clear liquid part of the egg. When cooked, they become stark white. Just about every dish that calls for an egg can be made with only the whites, leading to a healthier outcome. Egg whites can be used without to yolks to make:

•  Omelets
•  Egg Salad
•  Soufflé
• Scrambled Eggs
• Egg White Muffins

When you use only the egg whites in a recipe, you’ll get a lower calorie count, zero cholesterol, and no saturated fat. But the bountiful benefits of what egg whites can do for your body doesn’t stop there.


Better Body Benefits


Egg whites also contain the following nutrients that your body needs every day:

•  Protein. This is what helps build muscles, gives you energy, and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. A protein-rich breakfast has been associated with better weight management.
•  Potassium. A vital mineral and electrolyte that contributes to heart health, bone health, and effective organ and cell functioning.
• Riboflavin. Also known as vitamin B2, this can help with metabolism and red blood cell health. It’s also an antioxidant that can break down free radicals that harm your cells.
• RVPSL. This is a peptide found in the protein of egg whites that can reduce blood pressure, lowering the risk of hypertension.

With so many good things going on inside this simple oval, why not add it to your diet more often?


Adding Eggs The Easy Way


One easy way for you to add eggs to your life requires no cooking; just ordering. For a nutritious, protein packed lunch, try SoLé SoupS Fresh-Made Egg Salad. It’s the perfect side salad to add to any one of our delicious soups. With high protein and plenty of the nutrients found in egg whites, it’s an easy way to enjoy eating healthy for your body. And that’s no egg-aggeration!

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