What Makes A Stew A Stew?


What Makes A Stew A Stew?

Soup and stew both begin their journey in the same way. Meat or fish is combined with vegetables and liquid in a pot to begin cooking. How they are cooked and what comes out of the pot at the end makes up the difference between soup and stew.


Where Soup And Stew Differ


Soup is thinner than stew, and it’s the broth base that makes it wondrous. Whether it’s a meat broth, tomato puree, or a creamy base, the broth makes a soup taste and feel so good. Soup is often the first course served at a meal, is easy on the tummy, and is just the thing people want to eat when they need light comfort. Soup also cooks in a much shorter time than stew.

Stew, on the other hand, goes well beyond a first course; stew is a meal in itself.

The meat and vegetables that go into a stew are cut into large chunks and are just barely covered with the cooking liquid. Stews are then cooked over low heat for an extended period of time in a covered pot until the liquid is reduced into a thick, gravy-like consistency, and the meats and vegetables are loaded with flavor.


Stew So Good


Stews work well in slow cookers as the low-and-slow method derives a rich and hearty offering that can be ladled over rice, mashed potatoes, egg noodles, or with a side of crusty bread. Stew is at the top of the list when it comes to one of the greatest comfort-foods of all time and it’s been enriching lives and nourishing souls for ages.

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