What Kinds Of Soup Are Best For You?


What Kinds Of Soup Are Best For You?

Soups, which make a great meal for lunch and dinner, can provide a variety of health benefits.

Why Is Soup Good For You?

Soup is a delicious way to achieve many of your health and diet goals.

First and foremost, soup is filling. In fact, soup can be more filling than solid foods. The sensation of fullness can last for hours, reducing the number of calories you consume throughout the day. Soups are a great tool to help control or accelerate your diet.

Additionally, soups can provide your recommended daily doses of vitamins and minerals. Many Americans fall short when it comes to vitamins and minerals consumption. Soups that are vegetable or fruit based, such as gazpachos, can provide you with your daily doses. Soups commonly provide high doses of vitamin C and vitamin A, among others.

Are All Soups The Same?

The best soups are those made with the finest ingredients, not soups that can be found in a can on a supermarket shelf. SoLé Soups, located in Agoura Hills, uses natural and local ingredients that are grown fresh in California.

Not only do these foods taste better, but they’re healthier for you. Natural foods have not had any dyes, chemicals, or preservatives added to them, making them a much better option for consumption.

Additionally, the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables diminishes over time. A soup made with fresh ingredients ensures you’re maximizing the number of vitamins and minerals you’re receiving. Canned soups often contain additives that prevent nutrient absorption.

According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, canned soups can also elevate your levels of BPA. BPA has been known to contribute to diabetes and heart disease. If you’re looking for the best soups available, the best place to start is with fresh soups.

To get the most out of your soup, you should consume soups that are low-density, meaning they are not high in calories. The best soups for you are those that will help you feel full without adding unnecessary calories. Avoid cream or cheese-based soups, and stick to lighter soups made from fruits and vegetables. Also look for soups that are high in protein, which has been proven to aid in weight loss.

What Soups Are The Best?

Consider stopping into SoLé Soups and grabbing one of these soups for your next meal.

• Yellow Split Pea with Curry – This soup is aromatic and flavorful. It provides ample amounts of protein and fiber. It contains a daily dose of peas, which has been proven to increase your sense of fullness.

• Hearty Turkey Chili – One of the most popular offerings at SoLé Soups, this soup packs a powerful protein punch. Turkey is leaner than other meats, and pairs well with the red kidney beans in the soup.

• Tomato Soup – This vegetarian soup can improve heart health and increase potassium levels.

• Green Detox – High in fiber, this soup can keep you feeling full throughout the day. It provides ample doses of Vitamins K, C, A, Folate, Manganese, and the antioxidant Zeaxanthin.

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