Light Soups, Summer Soups


Light Soups, Summer Soups

Let’s face it – summers in California can get hot! As part of your healthy & tasty food consumption from SoLé SoupS while the temp has risen, make sure and ask for some of our amazing chilled selections! Stop wasting time with the ‘Same ol’-Same old’ and come in and see what you’ve been missing!

SoLé SoupS offers a variety of soups made to be served chilled (as well as dozens of our standby/ customer favorites); all designed to be both healthy & tasty! Consuming soup for lunch or dinner is a great way to have a satisfying meal without feeling bogged down. Consider trying one of these light summer soups- of the chilled variety- to help satisfy your cravings over the next few weeks!

  • Raw Zucchini Soup – Our raw zucchini soup is refreshing, and is a great way to keep hydrated this summer. This soup also contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cool Melon & Mint – This fun, fruit-based soup is a twist on a sort of gazpacho; It perfectly combines cool summer fruit with fresh herbs. An awesome poolside appetizer!
  • Cucumber Gazpacho – Served chilled, this bold gazpacho variation is perfect for the warm summer months. It can be served with different garnishes, providing a new taste each time; try a slice of avocado, a dollop of plain yogurt or some crumble cashews!

Our soups are made fresh daily with local Californian ingredients, providing an easy way to get a clean, organic meal that actually tastes good! Our Chefs are constantly creating new soups for you to enjoy– let us know your thoughts so that we can bring your favorite soups ideas to the surface!

Craving Soup?

If you’re tempted to try something new (or return again for a certain favorite!) there are numerous refreshing fun food ideas, visit SoLé SoupS today. With a rotating variety of seasonal soups, chowders, chilies, chilled soups and salads, we can satisfy your cravings or expose you to something altogether new. Our family has been making and selling soups in the Western San Fernando and Greater Conejo Valleys for over half a decade. If you’re looking for more information, contact us today at We look forward to seeing you; come by and see us soon!

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