Chilled: SoLé SoupS


Chilled: SoLé SoupS

At SoLé SoupS, we love the warm sun of Southern California. Not only does it give way to the fresh, natural, local ingredients that we use but it also helps us co me up with some of our best soup recipe creations. With the weather beginning to warm, we’ re excited to bring you some of the most delicious chilled soups ever. While our team is working hard to put the finishing touches on the newest summer offerings, please make sure to come in and try all our delectable products!  

Our traditional and Cucumber variety Gazpachos are one of the best ways to enjoy SoLé SoupS while cooling off this summer (and for a sophisticated alternative to a traditional Vichyssoise, get some SoLé SoupS Potato & Leek, its great either hot or cold!). You won’ t want to miss our incredible Chilled Melon & Mint either.

Using healthy fruits in a soup is one of the best ways to put a twist on a classic entrée item. They are of course nutritious and naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories. The process of ‘ Juicing’ fruits [and vegetables] can often strip them of many beneficial nutrients, especially their healthy fiber components. “Souping” can be a healthier [and far more satisfying] alternative to Juicing and is just one of the many reasons you should enjoy SoLé SoupS chilled soups this summer. (“If you’re not Juicing, you should be Souping!”…and even if you do both, keep in mind that every single SoLé SoupS recipe contains significantly less sugar than typical Juicing regimens. Look for our Chilled Green Pea and Chilled Yellow Bell Pepper coming soon!

Ready for some SoLé SoupS chilled soups? We look forward to bringing you and number of these delicious, healthy and fun new chilled soup recipes during the next few months, and to seeing you on your next lunch break!

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