Chilled Potato Soup: AKA Vichyssoise (VISH-ees-WAH[z])


Chilled Potato Soup: AKA Vichyssoise (VISH-ees-WAH[z])

As we shift into the warmer summer months one of the SoLé SoupS most delicious chilled offerings is our Potato & Leek. While this vegetarian recipe of ours is typically served warm/ as an entrée dish- we look forward to offering as well, as our version of a classic Vichyssoise…

Ever heard of Vichyssoise? If not, then you’re certainly in for a treat! 

With its smooth texture, it is creamy without being heavy- consisting of potatoes, leeks and often garnished with chopped chives. Let it make the perfect lunchtime meal or dinnertime compliment.

There is considerable debate over the origin of Vichyssoise. No one seems to be quite sure whether the soup’s creation should be credited as a singularly American, or French development. The soup is often thought to be a creation of a man named Louis Diat. A French chef who started working at the Ritz-Carlton in New York City in 1910; he recalled the potato soup from his childhood that was regularly prepared for him by his grandmother. Growing up, he would pour cold milk in the soup to cool it. It was this idea that sparked the invention and prompted him to deliver his Crème Vichyssoise Glacée to restaurant-goers and patrons of the luxury hotel where he worked in Manhattan. The name is derived from the French town Vichy, which was not far from the town where he Louis grew up.

In 1869, French chef Jules Gouffé created a hot potato and leek soup that is similar to what Diat enjoyed growing up. So, it’s safe to say that the original Vichyssoise was created in New York City but drew heavily from French influences.  

Regardless of how the soup came to be, you’re the one in luck! Let SoLé SoupS Potato & Leek be your best version (or entry!) to the amazing design called Vichyssoise!  Stop in and enjoy some today!

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