SoLé Soups Salad of the Month


SoLé Soups Salad of the Month

At SoLé Soups we constantly seek to bring you innovative new creations that are both enjoyable and healthy. In addition to our full array of healthy, tasty Premium | Gourmet Soups- we have a number of wonderful fresh-made Salads [daily]! 

We’ve created new & exciting Salad combinations for you; cool, delicious explosions of flavor that are great alone or with a wonderful Soup-cup accompaniment. Great for a quick, convenient lunch or for dinner-time cravings too!

SoLé Soups Salad options serve as a nutrient-rich meal; relatively low in calories, and with excellent fiber content that help you feel full throughout the day. Increased amounts of dietary fiber intake can lower your risk of developing heart disease. Soluble fiber can also help lower your cholesterol and keep your blood sugar at a balanced level. Salads can also be a good source of protein (some of our salads have full half pound of all-white chicken meat!).

A SoLé Soups lunch-time salad can be a great midday option to fuel-up with a light meal that’s not shy on the protein you need for a busy day.  

The dressing in your salad can also have nutritional benefits. Some dietary fat such as those found in oils and nuts are good for your body. They help to properly absorb Vitamins A, E, and K.

Try SoLé Soups Mediterranean Salmon Salad with Spinach. Clean, farm-raised salmon tossed organic baby spinach, orzo, fresh herbs and a hint of olive oil; marvelous!

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