Chilled Soups


Chilled Soups

At SoLé SoupS we believe that: “… if you’re not Juicing, you should be Souping!

As part of numerous wonderful, delicious ways to help make this happen – and a great way to incorporate easy to digest nutrients and phytochemical into your system; you will definitely want to enjoy our chilled soups.

How are SoLé SoupS chilled soups different from juicing? Often times when juicing (fruit or vegetable), a generous portion of [useful, healthful] fibrous pulp ends up being thrown out. Not only do you lose the health benefits of its nutrients, but without the fiber element – you may also find yourself feeling hungry again sooner than if you’d been Souping [and not Juicing].

Enjoying a chilled soup helps you feel full longer which in turn, helps with weight management. Our chilled soups are low in calories, low in sodium, and have no sugar added.

SoLé SoupS chilled soups include Gazpacho, Potato & Leek, Mint & Melon, Yellow Bell Pepper, and many others.

At SoLé SoupS, many of our classics can be served warm or chilled; ask one of Soup StudioTM experts for a great suggestion on how to enjoy Tomato or Carrot-Ginger for example- in a chilled format- and for other awesome alternatives during the coming summer months.

Located in the heart of Agoura Hills, we look forward to soon seeing your smile as you try delicious SoLé SoupS- soups, sauces, & more!

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