More Testimonials for SoLe Soups


More Testimonials for SoLe Soups

Here’s what a few of our customers are saying about SoLe Soups on Next Door.

A neighbor from Hillrise

…Fantastic soup! I’ve been buying their various soups for my home. Last week – I pre-ordered six 24-oz tubs because I was having a potluck party – and my item was tomato soup.

A neighbor from Liberty Canyon

…Wonderful soups & fresh each day. You get to sample each one. Off of Agoura Road.…

A neighbor from Old Agoura

…I went for lunch today and their soups are amazing!!! These are the ladies from the Calabasas Farmers Market. So glad to know they now have a store front so I can get it now.

A neighbor from Annandale II

…Finally! A fabulous group of people with a phenomenal business plan & DELICIOUS, nutritious soups!! Meet Lou who is part of our local Agoura team at Solè Soups!

A neighbor from Morrison Ranch Estates

…Chili soups make a complete meal. Other soups are creamy and rich without added salt and presevatives…

A neighbor from Oak Park

…soups were delicious! I wasn’t aware that it was “to go only” wish they had a place to sit.… See more

A neighbor from Country Glen Oak Park

…I want to eat here everyday. So good, so healthy.

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